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RE: ether and aether - help needed

Feb 09, 2003 04:29 AM
by dalval14

Feb 9th 2003

Dear Friend:

Here are the definitions from H P B'S THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY

p. 8

ĂTHER (Gr.). With the ancients the divine luminiferous substance which
pervades the whole universe, the "garment" of the Supreme Deity, Zeus,
or Jupiter. With the moderns, Ether, for the meaning of which in
physics and chemistry see Webster's Dictionary or any other. In
esotericism . is the third principle of the Kosmic Septenary; the
Earth being the lowest, then the Astral light, Ether and Akasa
(phonetically Akasha) the highest.


ĂTHER (Gr.). Ancient use: divine luminiferous substance pervading the
universe, as the "garment" of Jupiter, the Supreme Deity. Modern use:
is as in physics in the Dictionary. Esoteric use: the 3rd. principle
of the Kosmic Seven: Earth is lowest, then Astral Light, Ether and

p. 115-6

ETHER. Students are but too apt to confuse this with AkÔsa and with
Astral Light. It is neither, in the sense in which ether is described
by physical Science.
Ether is a material agent, though hitherto undetected by any physical
apparatus; whereas AkÔsa is a distinctly spiritual agent, identical,
in one sense, with the Anima Mundi, while the Astral Light is only the
seventh and highest principle of the terrestrial atmosphere, as
undetectable as AkÔsa and real Ether, because it is something quite on
another plane. The seventh principle of the earth's atmosphere, as
said, the Astral Light, is only the second on the Cosmic scale. The
scale of Cosmic Forces, Principles and Planes, of Emanations-on the
metaphysical-and Evolutions-on the physical plane-is the Cosmic
Serpent biting its own tail, the Serpent reflecting the Higher, and
reflected in its turn by the lower Serpent. The Caduceus explains the
mystery, and the four-fold Dodecahedron on the model of which the
universe is said by Plato to have been built by the manifested
Logos-synthesized by the unmanifested First-Born-yields geometrically
the key to Cosmogony and its microcosmic reflection-our Earth.


ETHER: is a material agent. Physical science describes it in the
dictionary. It is not AkÔsa or Astral Light. AkÔsa is a spiritual
agent, identical, with Anima Mundi; Astral Light is the seventh
highest principle of the terrestrial atmosphere, and is undetectable
because it is on another plane.


I hope this will help



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From: Etzion Becker []
Sent: Saturday, February 08, 2003 9:29 PM
Subject: Theos-World ether and aether - help needed

Dear friends. We are working now on the online Hebrew English
spiritual glossary. We would like to know what is the difference, if
any, between ether and aether, as it appears in Theosophical
literature. And please, I need no more than three lines per
definition. Thanks, Etzion

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