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Re: on "Bhakti Yoga"

Feb 08, 2003 11:55 AM
by Katinka Hesselink " <>

Hi Dallas,

This is actually one of the very few places where I sort of disagree 
with Judge, though you haven't quoted the most extreme that he has to 
say on this subject.

He suggests, in the beginning of Letters that have Helped Me, that a 
would-be chela should find him/herself a guru, whatever the qualities 
of that guru. That devotion itself will help make the relationship 
Devotion which is Love is never a bad thing, and maybe that is what 
he means, but all in all I don't think many people are capable of 
that kind of devotion, unconditionally. And forcing yourself to that, 
all the while struggling with yourself is simply not worth it. 

The truth has to be found on a solitary path - I am absolutely 
convinced of that. That the Mahatmas may find the chela there, when 
the chela has progressed to such a state of inner purity that 
communion with the mahatmas becomes possible, is another matter. A 
student of such purity cannot but be devoted to the even greater 
purity of the Mahatma. It is a natural thing, not something forced 
and adulatrous the way it was suggested by somebody else. Also, when 
right, not something that will rob the student of independent 
thinking, making their own choices etc. Some of my favourite quotes 
show that this last was always meant:

>> Coll. Wr. Vol. X, p. 96
>> It is this pernicious doctrine of ever relying upon extraneous 
help that leads to the collapse - physical, mental, moral, and 
spiritual - of well-meaning, but weak and unbalanced minds. It slays 
the patient of the mesmerizer and the mental healer, the neophyte of 
the sorcerer, and the dilettante of Reform. Neither success nor 
safety is to be found outside self-development. >>

>> Letters from the Masters of Wisdom, second series, letter 51, p. 97
>> [chelaship] is an educational as well as probationary stage, and 
the chela alone can determine whether it shall end in adeptship or 
failure. Chelas, from a mistaken idea of our system, too often watch 
and wait for orders, wasting precious time which should be taken up 
with personal effort. 

For, to work for mankind is grand, its recompense stretches beyond 
this brief dream of life into other births. So now, you my chela, 
choose and grasp your own destiny. You wish to heal the sick, - do 
so; but remember your success will be measured by your faith - in 
yourself, more than in us. Lose it for a second, and failure will 


Have faith in your soul power, and you will have success. >>

>> Mahatma Letters, letter 54, p. 311; chr. letter 92. p. 299
>> Every human being contains within himself vast potentialities, and 
it is the duty of the adepts to surround the would-be chela with 
circumstances which shall enable him to take the "right-hand-path" - 
if he has the ability in him. We are no more at liberty to withhold 
the chance from a postulant than we are to guide and direct him in 
the proper course. >>



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