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Master KH on the "Disinherited"

Feb 08, 2003 08:34 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell " <>

Master KH refers to "a friend", who adds a footnote to KH's Letter. 
First KH's words:


Time is precious and material (I mean writing material) is still more 
so. "Precipitation" -- in your case having become unlawful; lack of --
whether ink or paper -- standing no better chance for "Tamasha," and 
I, being far away from home, and at a place where a stationer's shop 
is less needed than breathing air, our correspondence threatens to 
break very abruptly, unless I manage my stock in hand judiciously. A 
friend promises to supply me in case of great need with a few stray 
sheets, memento relics of his grandfather's will, by which he 
disinherited him and thus made his "fortune." But, as he never wrote 
one line but once, he says -- for the last eleven years, except on 
such "double superfin glace" made at Thibet as you might irreverently 
mistake for blotting paper in its primitive days, and that the will 
is drawn upon a like material -- we might as well turn to your book 
at once. Since you do me the favour of asking my opinion, I may tell 
you that the idea is an excellent one. Theosophy needs such help, and 
the results will be what you anticipate in England as well. It may 
also help our friends in Europe -- generally.


Master KH goes on to say:


For instance, my friend tells me that it was a thirteenth cup and the 
pattern unmatchable, in Simla at least. 


At this point KH's friend, the "Disinherited" adds a note which reads:


So, at least, Mrs. S. says; I myself did not search the crockery 
shops; so too, the bottle filled with water I filled with my own 
hand -- was one of the four only that the servants had in the 
baskets, and these four bottles had but just been brought back empty 
by these peons from their fruitless search after water, when you sent 
them to the little brewery with a note. Hoping to be excused for the 
interference and with my most respectful regards to the lady. 
Yours, etc. The "Disinherited"


Quoted from:

BOOK "THE OCCULT WORLD" in the following posting:


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