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Olcott on D.K. visiting him at Adyar

Feb 07, 2003 06:26 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell " <>

Colonel Olcott writes about D.K visiting him at Adyar. At this 
period of time, Damodar was physically at Adyar:

"During the night, chela 'D.K.' visited and talked with me about 
persons and things. [C.W.] Leadbeater sleeping in another bed in my 
room heard his voice and mine and saw a phosphorescent light by my 
bed but could not see his form. M[orya] and five chelas were at the 
place together. H.P.B. saw them all." (Old Diary Leaves, Volume 
III, p. 208.)

In his handwritten diary for Jan. 8, 1885, Colonel Olcott wrote:

"During the night. . . I was visited by Dj.K... who talked with me 
about sundry pesons and things. Mr. Leadbeater. . . sleeping on 
another charpai in the same room, heard the two voices and saw a 
column of light by my bedside, but could not distinguish the form of 
my visitor."

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