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re "Maya Projection," speculation ...

Feb 07, 2003 06:38 AM
by Mauri

<<Mauri, There is a fundamental predicament as regards 
the Maya Projection and the illusory personalizations, as 
the Manvantaric cycles extend infinitely and as 
reflectivity forever incarnation is forever aspiring to reach 
Original Nature consciously or unconsciously.>>

OK, except I might tend to prefer a word like "aspect" in 
place of "predicament ... Hmm ... I wonder if that might 
be called a "personal preference," though ... If so, I 
suppose "predicament" might then have some validity, 
after all, in some sense ... ^:-) ... even for speculators ... ?
^:-) ... Except ... 

<<As such one accumulates what is characterized as 
Karma in each and every moment or non-moment that 
the Monad or Atma and Buddhi has extension agency in 
any subtle, middle, or coarse means.>>

"Extention agency" instead of "rays"? But of course 
we're talking exoterics, to begin with, so ... whatever ...

<<One cannot audit out the infinite. One cannot audit out 
the Storehouse as it has senior priority to any projective 

No, but one might go esoteric/experiential, and transcend 
Storehouses and personalizations ... Don't ask me how, 
though, in exoteric terms, since I'm still speculating about 
that one.

Besides, Karma has it's Habitation and Limit -- it is only 
relative to process of the Prakrit Mayavic Projection, 
Original Nature ever is unbeholden, unmarked, unstained 
and not effect point in any possible context as regards 
Karma. One could spend eternity's attempting to audit 
out the reality of apparent existence but somehow I think 
a senior intention keeps it there for a senior purpose line 
it has agreement about. Attempting to foil this senior 
intention itself creates a Karmic condition. Lila, Lila, the 
whole day through---. John PS: especially those 
empty peanut butter jars!>>

The way I tend to see it, I turned into a "speculator," 
years ago, because I didn't see much point in having too 
many literal "audits." So these days I tend not so much 
to "audit" things like empty peanut butter jars, for 
example, because I tend to "speculate" over them, 
instead. Which is a significant improvement over my old 
ways and means (for me, at any rate, I like to think). 
What do I mean by "speculation"? I think I might be 
referring to at least "aspects" of "voice of silence" or 
"higher" something that communicates kind of "silently," 
in a sense, provided one maintains a certain kind of 
open/speculative frame of mind/spirit ...Whereas literal or 
literalistic approaches, I suspect, might, in many cases, 
tend to stultify one's access to anything "higher"... How 
one subsequently interprets that "higher" is, of course, an 
exoteric thing and, as such, subject to ... whatever ... So, 
sorry about that interpretation part ... ^:-) ... among other 
things, eh ...


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