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Re: comments and discussion wit Steve S. on "God the Son"

Feb 07, 2003 03:06 AM
by dalval14

Friday, February 07, 2003

Dear Etzion:

I think this is most excellently said, and I find the propositions you
quote as made by your "Master" to be statements as to universal
terrestrial and human origins, consciousness and intelligence which
parallel those we find made in Theosophy.

But it is but natural that the Masters from the One Ancient Lodge
would teach the same philosophy. This is one of the tests of veracity
and community of thought in the world.

If one reads ISIS UNVEILED carefully, then one finds that H P B gives
evidence of this universal parallelism. It is said that Theosophy has
no two answers to any question or problem.

In the original .literature of Theosophy which we owe to H P B, I
would say that the metaphysics are made perhaps a little clearer by
the use and knowledge of the 7 principles in Man and Nature. Then
there questions about ultimate beginnings and endings -- as "supreme
perfection." The question about "God" in Nature, and Law operating
everywhere, and, the potential of perfectibility open to any human,
are made clear. They are the birthright of everyone.

And, continuing to work in the world thereafter by Those Great
Intelligences (Masters) as a body, a Lodge -- see I U Vol. 2, pp
98-103 -- implies to me that the MIND is not eliminated but becomes a
divine assistant to DIVINITY -- and as you (He) says -- the work goes

Best wishes



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From: Etzion Becker
Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 8:10 PM
Subject: Re: To Steve, does God the Son live in the White House ?

Time to answer this one as well. I wrote my views between the lines,
starting with **
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From: <stevestubbs

> --- In, Etzion Becker
> wrote: There cannot be any spiritual advancement without the
> > super-consciousness.
> Dear Etzion:
> Well, yes, it is true that nothing can disprove the existence of the
> supreme personality. However, there are some purely logical
> arguments which may lead to a wrong conclusion and which nonetheless
> make it clear a supreme impersonal reality may be what we find at
> end of our quest.

** Dear Steve, may I make it clear, I have no intention whatsoever to
my Master to anyone. I am just trying to share some of my experiences
daring to follow a Master for thirty years. I actually talk about the
*lineage* of Masters, of the Divine Hierarchy, which, to the utter
disappointment of humans, have never left the earth, and have never
gave up
on humanity, in spite of the horrors these creatures commit, on a
I feel the presence of my Master as most personal. This is His grace,
else a limited human can experience Infinitude, if this infinitude
appear on our level? This is the magic of the true Masters. They don't
big God on us, to me, he is my friend, the only reliable one. The real
Masters are what we call God in human form, or as I call it, a window
in the
physical plane, through which the face of God is being seen. This is
for all of us, but our windows are concealed with thick curtains, and
you manage to open the curtains, you discover that the glass of the
is blocked with a thick crust, made by billions of years of ignorant
activity. All what they want, is to help us wash this glass quickly,
so the
light of Truth will shine through us to the world.

> I assume you are conscious, so that is prima facie evidence that
> there is consciousness in the universe.
> I assume you are also intelligent, so that is prima facie evidence
> that there is intelligence in the universe.
> I see your consciousness and intelligence as a manifestation of the
> principle of consciousness and intelligence in the universe.

**True, but I didn't create it on my own volition. If I started my
evolution from zero one, from where I had the intelligent
consciousness to
create intelligent consciousness? It was given to me, by *something*,
and I
am most thankful for this *one*.

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