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Re: Theos-World Re: theory of self-organized criticality->Theosophy?->Psychic Power?

Feb 04, 2003 09:55 PM
by Mic Forster


That is bloody awesome!! Thank you for sharing that
website with the list.


--- wrote:
> In a message dated 02/04/03 4:17:32 AM,
> writes:
> >Theosophists should take their hats off to Per Bak
> as
> >he provided simple and beautiful science that, I
> >believe, will eventually go some way to either
> prove
> >or disprove HPB. Bak was one of the founders of
> >complexity science and formulated the theory of
> >self-organized criticality. If any of you don't
> know
> >about this theory I strongly suggest you find out
> >about asap. It affords tremendous insight and I for
> >one am greatful that this gentleman graced this
> Earth
> >during our current existence.
> Check out the following web site to see how this
> theory of "self organized 
> criticality" might correlate with the branching
> evolutionary tree of root 
> race, sub race, family race, etc. -- as described
> "orally" and "graphically" 
> by HPB in the SD. (Remember my previous discussion
> of the value of reading 
> the SD out loud with proper word emphasis and
> sentence inflections, or 
> chanting.)
> As an observation for the benefit of the more
> advanced students of theosophy; 
> The paper of which this evolution segment is a part,
> also gives us a fairly 
> good idea of how the SOC theory might correlate with
> the metaphysics of 
> Cosmogenesis... Provided we can see such
> involution/evolution as a descending 
> and ascending series of triune spherical fields of
> consciousness emanating -- 
> fractally and cyclically, analogously and
> correspondingly in time, like 
> triune (monadic) bubbles within bubbles within
> bubbles, etc., ad infinitum -- 
> out of and returning into each coadunate
> zero-point-instant-spinergy... That, 
> together, comprise an infinite well of force,
> matter/energy, awareness and 
> will. If such a process can be realized intuitively
> in one's open-mind, by 
> experiencing it simultaneously through all five
> sensory channels, and 
> correlating such a "vision" with the one "Life" as
> it exists on Earth in all 
> its myriad forms -- it can lead to instant
> enlightenment. 
> It seems to me that if this knowledge, conviction,
> self realization, and 
> concurrent awakening of compassion or conscience
> (and its link to the 
> emotions) can be achieved by each of us
> independently -- then we could come 
> together in sufficient numbers at a predetermined
> time and place (possibly, 
> even, in lucid dreams), and, by mutually aligning
> the spin directions of the 
> primal forces within each of us, begin to
> telepathically project (on the 
> higher mental planes) self reinforced images related
> to this unity of Life. 
> If so, mightn't such a powerful projection lead to
> the joining of many other 
> receptive minds into ever larger growing circles of
> a peaceful and 
> compassionate Universal Brotherhood -- without any
> single "leader" at its 
> head? 
> Could this be what the Masters had in mind by giving
> us the three fundamental 
> principles, the teachings of occult metaphysics of
> genesis or "self 
> creation," and the "three objects" of the
> "Theosophical Movement"? What is 
> the point of becoming their Chelas -- if not to help
> them complete the work 
> begun by HPB here in the US -- where the "Dark
> Force" is now rearing its 
> Medusa head? Weren't such theosophical workers
> spoken of by them as, "the 
> Companions," the "warriors" of peace who would come
> together in this current 
> cycle of the Movement and be prepared for such group
> counteractions? Isn't 
> the time just about ripe? Do we know how long the
> window of opportunity will 
> remain open, as we see the dark side gathering their
> forces for their 
> impending military-industrial takeover of the world
> -- along with the 
> concurrent loss of all individual liberty and human
> rights we fought so hard 
> to establish in America in the 18th Century during
> the first cycle of the 
> modern Theosophical Movement? Was not the
> "Declaration of Independence" and 
> the "Bill of Rights" in the US Constitution written
> by theosophists? Can we 
> abandon them now? 
> Be aware, that just now the Dark Forces are spinning
> their black magic 
> through the "glamour" thrown out by their "spin
> doctors" into the mass media 
> to prepare the sheep for the slaughter. At such a
> time, when the door to 
> magic is opened by the forces of evil, is when the
> Masters can act through us 
> on the inner planes. If we can act soon enough, we
> may be able to halt this 
> rush to war before the bombs and bullets begin to
> fly and human beings begin 
> to die. 
> Maybe we should think and talk about this a bit
> more. 
> (Who can bring up the references where HPB (or WQJ)
> spoke of this coming 
> bloodless battle we have to fight? Did they lay
> down any guidelines or put 
> up any signposts?)
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