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Re: Theos-World Wry on Blavatsky part one

Feb 03, 2003 11:47 AM
by wry

Hi. A quick reply as I have spent almost two hours this morning on this
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> Hi Wry,
> Replying just to a bit of this, as it is not written to me.
> > Communication is not just about words, but it is also about affect
> and
> > flavor, as well as what is conveyed by the form of the written
> material or
> > what, if anything is between the lines.
> Online we cannot see your bodylanguage, we cannot see the expression
> on your face, the way your hands move when you talk, the glitters in
> your eyes, your intonation, the volume of your voice - etc. In short:
> expect us to NOT read between the lines, because we can only read the
> words.

WRY: This is not what I meant, though admittedly, it is easy to think peole
are understanding more than they are, as obviously one understands to a
certain degree what ones self is attempting to communicate, and it is good
that you point this out. It is actually possible, though, to create a
certain affectr with words. For instance, if I leave a one word message in
which I say "PUSH," the person who reads it will come away with a certain
quality, and if I leave another message in which I say "SLIP," a person will
come away with a different quality. Moreover, if I tell a very short and
interesting story of my own experience of making a sacred bread with a
special kind of yeast and lovingly convey, by the use of simple and vivid
language, certain information by the device of allegory, this creates a
different affect then when I put out five messages in one day using someone
elses overly intellectual language which was written for people of a
different time and place and to create an entirely different affect then
what is called for now. The aim to be wake-up, as Teri has put it, not to
go deeper into sleep.It is actually possible to use words in such a way as
to convey, to a degree, subtle and even not so subtle substances and
materials to the extent that people will get a sense of or even, to a
degree, a handle on these materials.

<And most people here have not even studied Krishnamurti, (I
> suppose I am one of the the exceptions), so they can hardly know
> where you are coming from.

WRY: They should do so, but you have made a very good point, and I will take
this into consideration in the future.

<I have read Krishnamurti, and still cannot
> usually figure out what you are talking about.

WRY: My messages on here are not really about Krishnamurti and I am not on
that bent with this list, though enquiry and that way of releasing material
must be somehow incorporated to a degree, or so it seems to me. There are
cosmic materials, which Madame Blavatsky pointed the way to the study of,
and it is perhaps possible to build and design with them in a certain way.
This is a very interesting subject, but first, in my opinion, we need to
understand what true verification is really about. I have chosen this list
for this reason, as, if things can be sorted out in a certain way, it might
be possible to do a project which will align materials in a way that could
affect the consciousness of thousands if not millions of people and enable
humanity to take a big leap. But the time for this is LIMITED. There is only
a certain window of opportunity and then something changes. I cannot explain
my project, even though I have the verbal tools to do so, but only SHOW it,
little by little. There are important reasons for this. If things do not
sort out a bit faster, though, in this instance, slow is always faster, to a
degree, I may need to go elsewhere. I am glad you came on this list. There
were a couple conversations on Universal Seeker, such as the one about
impersonal love, which touched me very deeply. I believe Eldon participated
in that conversation also. There was a quality there. Sincerely, Wry
> Katinka
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