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Re: Steve Stubbs on the Hodgson Report and Replies by Theosophists

Feb 03, 2003 07:50 AM
by Steve Stubbs " <>

--- In, "Daniel H. Caldwell 
<inquire@b...>" <inquire@b...> wrote:
> I think the Carrithers and Harrison critiques show some of the 
> flaws in the Hodgson Report.

Id Theosophists want to convince only themselves, then the 
Theosophical "defences" against the Report are just fine. If they 
want to convince non Theosophists (or even sympathizers who are not 
fundamentalists) z completely different critical technique would be 
required than just angrily denouncing the author.

Hodgson makes no more than half a dozen points in his Report, all of 
which can be deconstructed and shown to be flawed. However, he also 
makes some valuable observations which add to our knowlege of the 
matter. A sensible response to the Report would focus on the Report 
itself, and would not concentrate on defending an entrenched position 
or defending Blavatsky or defending Theosophical fundamentalism. If 
you ponder that shft in perspectibe, you can see how it would produce 
a more convincing result.

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