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RE: yoga and "surrender"

Jan 31, 2003 05:34 PM
by dalval14

Jan 31 2003

Dear Friends:

When one talks of "surrender" it seems to me we are talking of the
personality and its consciousness originating in our physical bodies
and emotions chiefly. We may even include our thoughts in those, and
make it a composite of feelings, stimuli, and thoughts. We all know
this dissipates at death. {Remains to be discussed: what happens
with the impresses and links we have forged during the life of the
personality. Does individual responsibility and Karma carry them
forward -- to a new incarnation ?}

But then we find we are able to look at this composite from a
stand-point that is other than it. If so, then, we find there is
within us a second entity, (shall we call it a MIND ?) and this has
the power of detachment from the first. If we should name it
Individuality, we will have the duality in every human being of
"personality," and of "Individuality."

Now we seem to have three entities: personality, mind and a
SUPERVISORY PRESENCE within us which we might look on as the ETERNAL
SELF. {Perhaps this is the "Monad."}

Looking around us we find the earth, our world, and the universe
pervaded by laws. We cannot assume we are exempt, even if one of our
powers is to choose.

Theosophy holds that there is a universal ethos, or a set of rules
whereby entities that are interdependent work and live with each
other. (Karma -- action and reaction)

It also holds that the Individuality has two other components: Wisdom
and a knowledge of the truth of all things. ( Buddhi and Atma)

We might "surrender" our personality at choice -- but the
Individuality can never be "surrendered," a it is immortal and

There seems to be a warning out about some danger in "surrendering"
the personality.

Is this important? If so what is the nature of this potential danger

If we do not "surrender" then is there danger -- or what ?

Best wishes,



Some definitions from: H. P. Blavatsky THE THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY

YOGI (Sk.). 1) Not "a state of six-fold bodily and mental happiness as
the result, of ecstatic meditation" (Eitel) but a state which, when
reached, makes the practitioner thereof absolute master of his six
principles", he now being merged in the seventh. It gives him full
control, owing to his knowledge of SELF and Self, over his bodily,
intellectual and mental states, which, unable any longer to interfere
with, or act upon, his Higher Ego, leave it free to exist in its
original, pure, and divine state.
(2) Also the name of the devotee who practices Yoga.

YOGA (Sk.). (1) One of the six Darshanas or schools of India; a school
of philosophy founded by Patanjali, though the real Yoga doctrine, the
one that is said to have helped to prepare the world for the preaching
of Buddha, is attributed with good reasons to the more ancient sage
Y‚jnawalkya, the writer of the Shatapatha Br‚hmana, of Yajur Veda, the
Brihad ¬ranyaka, and other famous works. (2) The practice of
meditation as a means of leading to spiritual liberation.
Psycho-spiritual powers are obtained thereby, and induced ecstatic
states lead to the clear and correct perception of the eternal truths,
in both the visible and invisible universe.


Meditation, Samadhi, Turiya. etc...

Are these names given to us to indicate various levels of deep
thinking indicative of the effort of the REAL MAN inside us to purify
the Personality and the Kama-Manasic mind of limited and false views?
If the emphasis is to find and learn truth, then at no time is the
thinking entity "surrenders." It is made if anything more keenly
aware of its capabilities, and its potential. Lets us assume that the
HIGHER SELF within each of us, ATMA, is a fully graduate Initiate.
and its objective in being in us as a tutor (see S D II 167) is to
enable us as personalities to attain to the level it achieved. This
opens a practical aspect to mediation as a practise and also indicates
(to me) that its ethical and moral quality is something useful and
able to guide me (as personality) in my daily life? Any answers ?



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From: leonmaurer
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 4:06 PM
Subject: Re: yoga

But, this "surrender" should not be misinterpreted.

To be Human beings -- who are each, essentially, God incarnate -- is
not to
be sheep, or like any other "animal" without a capability of Self

To surrender to a self professed "living" or "dead" Master is a
atonement" sidetrack that may pacify one, but does nothing more than
one's attainment of self mastery... Since a true Master says, "Do not
me, but follow the path I show you." This is the only true and
way to transcend ones karma, defuse the skandas, and attain true
Freedom --
requiring no kow towing, worship, or obedience to any personality,
organization, or Gods... As theosophy teaches, only the TRUTH can make

Therefore, there is only one "perfect Master" to surrender one's lower
to... And, that is the Higher Self within each of us... Following all
below rules of living that are essentially the "Heart doctrine"
coupled with
the "Eye Doctrine"... Thus, combining ALL the yoga's and their goals
into ONE
"self devised and self determined study and practice" -- that can suit
individual's level of awareness and understanding when staring out,
independently, on the Path to eternal Freedom.


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