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Wry on Sexuality and Spirituality

Jan 28, 2003 10:34 PM
by wry

Hi. Though I am a woman and a feminist, it is like Leadbetter said. A woman cannot be a priest or give the Eucharist, as transubstantiation depends on a certain material that is present in sperm, but not in the ovum. Also, without a man, a woman cannot fully form a soul, but this does not mean she has to have sex or even have a mate, but she would probably need to be around men. In order for a woman (or man) to verify whether this is true or not, one would first need to receive by transmission, a sense of the subtle quality of a certain kind of astral material that is in transmuted sperm. (A virgin could experience this). I have never heard of this material being transmitted by the written word, though potentially, I guess, there could be a first time. 

All spiritual development that involves transcendence of transubstantiation has to do with the transmutation of the physical seed of man into a substance that is finer. It is literally brought up to the brain in a certain way where is transmuted and then brought down again, as something very subtle, into the heart. Breath (NOT doing a breath exercise) plays an important part in this). If you can have sex without having an orgasm, you can use a certain force, that is thus generated, for your personal spiritual development. Deity Yoga, which is also based on the transmutation of the human seed, is another way to accomplish this aim. 

Everything in a person is split, just like people are split into males and females. When you reduplicate yourself into a finer version that is permeated with certain subtle materials, this is the formation of the spiritual bodies, and you will be freed from the trap of mating couples. A person can do this by consciously opposing this to that (the active to the passive) within himself in such a way that a third force is created out of which ones spiritual self is born.

The sex force or the energy of the primal vibration, shabad, I believe I have heard it called, is behind everything. It is the place between this and that and out of this can be experienced another more subtle vibration, which is called the name. Everything on this earth is about sex and the coming together of two to make one, but to generate one from one is to be fully creative and be released from the cycle of mating couples. This is my take on it, anyway. Sincerely, Wry

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