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Re: Wry on Blavatsky part one

Jan 28, 2003 11:28 AM
by Katinka Hesselink " <>


Respectfully, so you are not inspired by her writings, so what? Many 
people are. her Voice of the Silence ( ) is a booklet 
full of spiritual wisdom, and hardly confused. Then again, nobody is 
asking anybody to give up their religion. Theosophy "only" claims to 
help people get in touch with the spiritual dimension behind each 
religion. Granted, that is a huge claim, but I don't think you are in 
a position to judge Blavatskian theosophy, as of yet. Her work is 
complex and has absolutely no claim of even being complete. 

As for the Order of the Star of the East, this was an organisation 
created for Jiddu Krishnamurti. If you've followed the link recently 
supplied by Daniel Caldwell, and read the article thoroughly, you may 
have come across the line where it says that HPB DID NOT predict any 
avatar any time soon. So - what's the relevance? You can hardly blame 
one theosophist for what another is saying. Theosophy is one of those 
religions where people can have totally opposite views of reality (or 
myth) and still be members, or even leaders of the Theosophical 
Society. That freedom is a much cherished quality. 

My point being: Krishnamurti was brought to the fore by Annie Besant 
and Leadbeater. As you know I fully admire and study Jiddu 
Krishnamurti's work, but the relationship between that work and the 
work of H.P. Blavatsky can only be found by living both. That is, 
with some help of The Voice of the Silence and perhaps Aryal Sanat's 
work "The Inner Life of Krishnamurti". But the relationship between 
the Order of the Star of the East and HP Blavatsky is nill. Whether 
the paths each lead to converge, is up to each student. For me they 
do. Better put, for me they are complementary. 

In short - I don't think you know what you are talking about. Sorry 
to be this direct. 

Katinka Hesselink

--- In, "wry" <wry1111@e...> wrote:
> Hi. I personally do not believe this is the time on earth for 
people to practice individual religions, but most people will not 
give up their religion until they have something to replace it with. 
All major organic religions are designed, tested and fine-tuned over 
many hundreds of years by many individuals, not just one, to convey 
material to individuals of various levels of understanding by the 
means of allegory in story, art and ritual, in such a way that it can 
be organically assimilated onto their functioning in such a way that 
there is TRANSCENDENCE. True, when people interpret this symbolism 
literally, it crystallizes into dogma, and this is a big problem, but 
at least there is a change for certain material to be conveyed.
> With theosophy, it is different. It does NOT succeed in doing 
this.. Blavatsky was too mixed up. She had certain knowledge, but did 
NOT understand how to present it. She was quite developed in some 
ways, but in other ways, she was spiritually IMMATURE. This is why 
the conditions she established, as part of an interconnected 
continuum, led to what someone on here recently dismissed as "the 
Krishnamurti incident." Any mature spiritual person would need to 
reject her teaching in order to fulfil the prophecy of actually 
becoming a great world teacher.
> Just as, if religion is not working, there is are reasons, so also, 
if theosophy is not working there are reasons, but all of the reasons 
are not exactly the same. I believe she was successful in that she 
brought eastern teachings to the west at a certain time, but as far 
as achieving the aim of a universal brotherhood, theosophy will not 
work unless there is a different approach. I am willing to enquire 
into this with members of this list. The Order Of The Star was 
dissolved by its leader. It is over. You are acting as if still 
exists, but it does not. It is impossible to work this all out 
without enquiring deeply. If no one is interested in doing this, 
nothing will change. This is sad. 
> No Buddhist, Hindu, Roman Catholic, Jew or Muslim or whatever is 
going to give up his FINELY-TUNED, though perhaps time-appropriate 
religion, which, at the very least, can create a state of deep 
reverence which resonates within, no matter how imperfect it is, to 
read the confused writings of Madame Blavatsky. In my opinion, 
theosophy in its present form will not accomplish the aim for which 
it was designed. Wry
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