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Re: Theos-World Pure Land Great Compassion Bodhisattva Vow, Master Hsuan Hua

Jan 27, 2003 11:12 AM
by Bhakti Ananda Goswami " <>

Dear John,

Thankyou very much for the addition. I did copy the text as it was 
in the small booklet that I had, where there was some misprint I 

Could you please re-post Venerable Master's Vows here with the 
corrections made ? 

--- In, samblo@c... wrote:
> BAG,
> The "missing text for # 5" is apparently due to you somehow 
> both omitted and then substituted enumeration. I quote from my 
> Copy and ID
> the omitted part.
> Vow # 4: "I vow that as long as there is a single god who has not 
> accomplished 
> buddhahood, I too will not attain right 
> In somehow omitting this vow (# 4) you continued the 
> assigning #6 to
> # 5 slipping one digit from there onwards.
> snip; 13. I vow that my spirit [??? if there is 'no self', what 
spirit is 
> he
> speaking of here ???]
> Vow 13 begins: "I vow to manifest innumerable bodies as a means 
to gain 
> acess
> into the minds of living beings---"
> Thanks for your post,
> John

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