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Re: Invoking Jesus as PHOS / Amita BHA, the Infinite Light

Jan 27, 2003 06:29 AM
by Steve Stubbs " <>

--- In, "Bhakti Ananda Goswami" 
<bhakti.eohn@v...> wrote:

Very interesting and greatly appreciated. But I have one question 
about the God theory. If God exists, why did he create scumbags like 
George Bush and those cronies of his who are causing so much evil in 
the world? I can understand this if the ultimate reality is 
personal, but the existence of George seems to me to preclude the 
existence of God. I can see George and I cannot see God, so George 
appears to be the more likely of the two to exist.

Royalists can insert their own personal bogey in place of George. 
The argument remains the same regardless of which proper nouns we use.

Theosophically, I believe Amitabha (or Amida) uis equated with the 
Higher Self.

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