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C. W. Leadbeater: A biography and other info

Jan 25, 2003 09:39 PM
by D. H. Caldwell " <>

BELOW is info on a biography of C.W. Leadbeater.

Also see:
about Mr. Leadbeater's teachings as compared to H.P. Blavatsky's 
original presentation of Theosophy.


THE ELDER BROTHER: A Biography Of Charles Webster Leadbeater 
by Gregory Tillett 
Is he the world's greatest occultist and psychic? Or the worst sort of
charlatan and con-man? These widely ranging views of Charles 
Leadbeater were current in his lifetime and even now, years after his 
death in 1934, he remains a controversial figure. His disciples 
hailed him as the greatest seer of their age; his enemies attacked 
him as a fraud or worse. But as Gregory Tillett shows in this 
biography of Leadbeater, he has exerted great influence on modern 
ideas about the occult. Supported by archival reference and extensive 
bibliography, this book makes a lucid statement of historical facts, 
neither pro nor con, on a controversial figure in the Theosophical 
Illustrated, hard cover, 337 pages, $25.00 
ISBN: 0-913004-83-9 
Ordering information at:

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