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Re: Theos-World HPB and the Nazi doctrines

Jan 24, 2003 11:29 PM
by Etzion Becker

I was away for a few weeks, without proper internet connection, so I respond
now. I am aware for some time that American industrialists funded Hitler's
army. I found this when I made a research in the Holocaust museum in
Jerusalem. Of course, no body is speaking about this, for one eventually
America brought about the destruction of the Nazi regime, and now Israel is
totally dependent on US aid. Both not so bad. I don't think that Theosophy
had anything to do with the Nazi doctrine; they could take anything and turn
it upside down, as people do all the time. Best wishes, Etzion
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> Etzion:
> Although there is no direct connection I am aware of between
> Theosophists and Nazis, there was an interesting report on NPR the
> other day which connected Henry Ford with Nazis. It turns out Ford
> translated into English and published it as a serial in a newspaper
> he owned. The narrator of the story says Ford's motivation was fear
> and mistrust of the East Coast bankers he had to deal with to get
> funding for his company. Since he had to deal with them on a
> continuing basis, that seems like a strange thing for him to do. The
> text was then taken into the Nazi ideology and Hitler had a picture
> of Ford hanging in his office. The company did well in trade with
> Germany afer Hitler took power, but it is not clear whether pandering
> was the cause of that or not. In fairness it must be said that when
> the Nazis lost the war and Nazism became unpopular, the Ford Motor
> Company did everything possible to dissociate itself from Bazism and
> continues that policy.
> So Henry had a dark side most people today know nothing about.
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