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RE: Soul Mates

Jan 24, 2003 04:13 PM
by dalval14

Date: Jan 24 2003

Dear Friend:

Using the wisdom of Theosophy, let us see if there are some helpful
hints available on this:

The duality of our mind consciousness [Lower and Higher Manas] gives
us an interior debating or consultation condition. Lower Manas is the
mind entwined in the grasp of passion and desires -- selfishness.
Higher MIND is the impersonal, universal, virtuous power of thought
and vision -- that which teats all honestly and fairly, and with
discretion and wisdom.

We know there are certain universal truths and laws. Everyone knows
that but perhaps frames them in different words. The VIRTUES are
recognized uniformly, and all the statutes of every country are based
on those. Those come from Buddhi-Manas the Higher Mind united to
universal WISDOM (Buddhi). They are an integral part of the eternity
of the Monad [ATMA-BUDDHI] -- our Real and True SELF. We all share in
this. This is where there is Universal Brotherhood. In practice the
Higher Mind obeys the Laws of Nature in their entirety all the time.
The signature of the Higher mind is universal love and a recognition
that we are all "soul-mates." We are a single great family of
IMMORTALS, living and working together. There are no "strangers" in
such an outlook.

The attempts to circumvent those Laws of Nature are legion, and slyly
they who adopt this way of life, try to operate in the dark, and out
of the public view. Why? I don't know why this is so. Each one who
practices this has their own reasons.

So the counterpart to virtue is VICE -- attempts to distort or break
the laws of the commonwealth. One of the characteristics of vice is
that it demands isolation, darkness and pretends always to be
virtuous. Why this type of concealment? Of course it is a denial of
brotherhood. It is an attempt to make a victim of some who are more
ignorant or poorer than we are. It is the act of a conscienceless

We can mentally erect a "wall" between those two: VIRTUE and VICE.

But it is not permanent. We really see both sides, and so does
everyone else, except those who (for a while) engage in blind
unethical debate. [That is Kama-Manas operating, at its best. They
who use it, deliberately exclude virtue, and engage in mentally
devising ever more complicated vicious actions. Dishonesty and sham
are their tools, and they take advantage of the honesty, or greed, of
others less mentally agile than they are.]

If on research, we discover others have contributed to that "WALL"
notion, we, looking at universality, eternity, law and progress wonder
why such a delay is essential. Who profits in the long, long run ?

All of this is the puzzle ( see 2nd Fragment in the VOICE OF THE
SILENCE on the TWO PATHS: the "Eye" and the "Heart" doctrines.) We
have to solve it each one for themselves.

We have:

1.	We are immortals.

2.	Law rules the universe. Karma operates in and on all.

3.	We all live together as a family and depend on each other.

4.	Taking advantage of the ignorance of others produces a "profit" for
how long ?

5.	We have "free-choice." Why ?

6.	How would we describe the ultimate goal of life, and of Humanity ?

7.	If the SPIRITUAL STATE is uniform and universal, then does not an
aspect ( a "ray") of the ONE SPIRIT reside within us as it resides in
all others ?


Are we going to be honest and true henceforth for all?

best wishes,



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From: Munise
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 12:18 AM
Subject: Re: - Soul Mates

Dear Dallas,

The opposite is also inescapable isn't it? People, being the slaves of
what's appearing, like a wall when "inner" is concerned?

Best regards

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>Jan 23 2003
>Dear Friend:
>If we look at the teaching concerning the Immortal Monad within our
>heart, we see that we are all, inescapably, SOUL-MATES to each other
>in the spiritual sense. We always draw closer to each other if our
>objectives and aims are similar.

>Best wishes,
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>To all
>Is the term soul-mate a fallacy or could it be the result
>of many incarnations together.
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