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An example of BAG's generalizations

Jan 24, 2003 03:03 PM
by D. H. Caldwell " <>

Below is a good example of the kind of generalizations BAG makes in 
his interview.

Does his generalization accurately portray what HPB and her Masters 
actually taught?



"The recent claim by some Theosophists is that their teachings are 
hidden behind the use of 'blinds,' but what about truth ? 'There is 
no religion higher than the truth' is the Theosophical Society 
motto! What is the moral character of anyone who practices and/or 
accepts deception and lying as a way of life ?" 

"According to the Bhakti Traditions from which Blavatsky borrowed 
many of her terms, dishonesty or duplicity is considered tamasic. 
Everything depends on TRUTH, and begins with SELF-TRUTH, which is 
another term for HUMILITY. The very concept of scriptural 'blinds', 
secret societies, and a master employing duplicity is unheard of in 
the Sattvic exoteric Bhakti Traditions, in which Godhead is not an 
elitist, Who is only approachable through secret societies, and wants 
to 'hide.' Hiding anything is part of the function of MAYA. Human 
deceit and lying which create illusions ARE 'MAYAVIC'. HPB and her 
MASTERS' use of 'blinds' was pure MAYA-VADA or 'Path of Maya' 
mayavic behavior. She and her Masters were masters of illusion / 
maya, in that they deluded many people with their illusions."

Quoted from:

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