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Re: Theos-World RE: functions Consciousness and Attention

Jan 23, 2003 10:36 PM
by wry

Hi. Below are some final comments. I do not have time for too much more of
this, as I am self-employed and I have to get some work done, so I will not
be on here as much. My plan is to make some comments about Alice Bailey and
the Lucis Trust and also to read Psychic and Noetic Action and to comment on
this, plus answer some other messages I have saved for quite a while. Below
is a further comments.

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>To "discriminate" implies the ability to distinguish, to
evaluate, and then choice as an effort of the will is applied in
selection. I would say that the best way to do this is to make
ones self totally impersonal. If one has biases, the recording
can be skewed or influenced by them. How do we make ourselves
free of biases ?.<

<But again this does not define the "WILLER." I assume one might
say the "willer" is the REAL ME -- whatever it might be called
( Ego, Self, Spirit, Mind, etc.)]

WRY:There is no "", in my opinion, that exists on its own side as an
independent entity. There is, though, an essence which can grow up and learn
to do consciously, but in order for the real work to begin, many karmic
stains need to be erased. Until then, it is better not to build an idea
systems on a false base. If things get too mixed up, with false "spiritual"
notions, it may be to hard to undo the damage.

There is an illusion of continuity which is most tragic, as a person
experiences one or two moments in a month or a year or several years, in
which everything, temporarily comes together in such a way that there is a
sense of an "oversoul" or whatever you want to call it, and it is so
powerful and such a contrast that there is an identification with this. If a
person experiences this in a continuity, moment after moment, day after day,
he is connected to the higher intelligence of his system functioning at
optimum. But this is not the case. People experience this for a few moiments
and then fantasy that they possess a continuity that they do not. No one who
tricks himself in this way will ever admit it, as it is part of his persona
which is built on a movement away from pain toward pleasure. I am not
talking about you, necessarily, but about any of us, including me. This is
the nature of the human personality which will go to any ends to perserve
it's defense structure.

In my opinion, it is better not to constantly think and talk about
"immortality" and and reincarnation in a certain way as it throws people off
the track and keeps them from making the efforts they need to make to free
themselves from their tethers. It is not a good way to cleanse oneself of
karmic stains and to accumulate merit, but if yiou wish to do this, it is
your perogative and I cannot stop you. I wish you the best in your
continuing struggle to cleanse yourself of karmic impuirities, develop true
impartiality, and establish a universal brotherhood. These are my aims also.
Sincerely, Wry p.s and I hope this is just the beginning of enquiry and not
the end of it.

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