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Theos-World-- Blavatsky versus Bailey on "Christ"

Jan 22, 2003 10:50 AM
by James Davis

DHCibc> I am somewhat surprised that there have been so few comments from 
DHCibc> Bailey students on what Blavatsky said about "Christ" as compared to 
DHCibc> what Bailey wrote about "Christ".

DHCibc> Alice Bailey's version is what I would consider a "CRUDE literalism." 
DHCibc> What HPB characterizes as "a dead letter belief."

The dead and the living are not only in the world, in the eye of the

I offer below some quotations that add more more perspective than the
ones you selected.

Best Regards,



"As I have earlier pointed out, the return of Christ will be
expressed, in the first place, by an upsurging of the Christ
consciousness in the hearts of men everywhere; its first expression
will be goodwill."


"In the second place, disciples everywhere will find themselves
increasingly sensitive to his quality, his voice and his teaching;
they will be "over-shadowed" by him in many cases, just as before, he
over-shadowed his disciple Jesus; through this over-shadowing of
disciples in all lands, he will duplicate himself repeatedly. The
effectiveness and the potency of the over-shadowed disciple will be


"Christ will, therefore, surely come in three ways. He will come as
men recognize that He is truly here as He has been ever since He
apparently left the earth; He will come in the sense also that He
will over-shadow, inspire and directly guide and personally confer
with His advanced disciples as they labor in the field of the world,
in the effort to establish right human relations and as they become
known as the directing Agents of [147] God's will; He will come also
in the hearts of men everywhere, manifesting as the indwelling
Christ, struggling towards the light and influencing the lives of men
towards conscious recognition of divinity. Men on a large scale will
then pass through the Bethlehem experience, the Christ in them will
come to the birth and they will become 'new men'."


1. By His over-shadowing of all initiates and disciples who are
today, or will be at the time of His arrival, active in the three
worlds of human evolution. This involves His influencing their
minds telepathically. This over-shadowing or influencing will be
His primary work upon the mental plane. This will constitute one
of His most effective methods in His proposed spiritual
interference in world affairs. Through the medium of these members
or affiliates of the Hierarchy, He will have outposts of His
consciousness in every nation. Through them He can work.

2. By the pouring out of the Christ life or consciousness upon the
masses everywhere and in every nation. This spiritual inflow will
bring about the reorienting of human desire and will evoke the
emotional reaction to His Presence. This therefore brings the
astral plane within the active sphere of His influence; this
involves the release of the energy of goodwill into the hearts of
men, predisposing them towards right human relations. It is this
establishing of right relations which is the major objective of
His coming triple activity. The masses everywhere will be
responsive to the work and the message of the Christ, as it is
[616] implemented from the mental plane by the disciples and
initiates, over-shadowed by the mind of Christ.

3. By His physical appearance among men. Through His Own immediate
appearance, He can establish a potent focal point of hierarchical
energy upon Earth in a manner not hitherto possible. He has never
deserted humanity and has always kept His promise to stay with us
all the days, even unto the end of the age. Men in all lands will
know where He can be found. The locale of this focal point of His
threefold spiritual activity cannot here be disclosed, for it is
contingent upon the results of the sequential processes of
over-shadowing and outpouring.


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