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Re: Theos-World Did Bailey use some of Leadbeater's & Besant's original ES material?

Jan 22, 2003 10:14 AM
by James Davis

DHCibc> Did Phillip Lindsay ever comment on the BELOW items and/or
DHCibc> admit that he was mistaken and that it was actually Bailey who
DHCibc> "used" some of Leadbeater's and Besant's original ES material
DHCibc> when writing her book "Initiation, Human and Solar"?

DHCibc> Daniel 

Phillip has left this group to focus on more creative work.

I think his position on the question of source mirror, as shown in the
reply below, is clear.


DHCibc> Nicholas Weeks wrote:

DHCibc> "Her [Bailey's]books are rooted in the pseudo-theosophy pioneered by 
DHCibc> CW Leadbeater." 

DHCibc> Phillip Lindsay replied:

DHCibc> "It is actually the other way around. Leadbeater used some of
DHCibc> AAB's original material from books such as Intiation, Human and Solar 
DHCibc> and took the credit for it in his book The Masters and the Path." 

DHCibc> Jerry Hejka-Ekins commented:

DHCibc> "I read it [Bailey's Initiation Human and Solar] some years ago, and 
DHCibc> found it very faithful to the ES teachings [of Besant and Leadbeater]
DHCibc> as they were presented from 1910-1918."

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