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Re: chakras & kundalini

Jan 22, 2003 08:19 AM
by Nick Weeks

From: "Zack Lansdowne" <>

> I agree with what you have written. In my view, HPB has taken the "middle
> path."

> On one extreme are teachings, such as Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, that
> encourage direct work on the chakras. [...]
> On the other extreme are teachings, [...] which do not
> mention the chakras at all. These teachings, however, do not provide any
> confirmation, guidance, or explanation for people who are ready to work with
> the chakras or who are having experiences with kundalini.

People who are "ready to work" with the energies of the subtle body had best
have a very good living guru within close proximity. Trying this from books
is foolish & dangerous.

> The "middle path" is the approach of presenting information on the chakras
> but in a veiled, symbolic way, so that the instruction would be available
> for only those who developed their intuitive faculty and could thereby
> discern it. [......]

Information is fine, correlations are dandy and study is safe. Just leave it
there until a real Guru comes into your life.

But because of the ambition & spiritual innocence or foolishness of many in
the Occident, that information IS acted upon by many and will cause them
troubles in varying degrees. So one must be careful about putting forth more
"information" that will be misused by some. We are supposed to reduce
suffering in all its forms, not cause more.

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