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RE: : Essential Unity-- BUDHISM - MAHAYANA -- BODHISM (Or Wisdomism)

Jan 21, 2003 06:41 PM
by dalval14

Jan 21 2003

Re Essential Unity-- BUDHISM - MAHAYANA -- BODHISM (Or

Dear Friends and Wry:

If you have a copy of H P B's The VOICE OF THE SILENCE you will find
there in the Introduction what she says of Mahayana Buddhism.

>From the outset when she started writing for the public, in ISIS
UNVEILED, one finds that H P B assigned to the word "Buddhism" the
meaning of BODHISM or WISDOM - and she carefully differentiated
between that and the religious philosophy and observances that
followed the life and teachings of the great Budha: Gautama, Siddartha

She indicated in ISIS UNVEILED that this BODHISM antedated Hinduism
( I U I 1 289), .and she speaks it, using the phrase "pre-Vedic
Buddhism." [ I U II 142-3, 160 ]

In fact she stated that the ancient Aryan Brahmins, about a million
years ago [ [ I U II pp. 156fn, 426, 435 ] started invading India
where this wisdom has always been treasured. [ probably on the edges
of the great Thar desert and in inaccessible places in Rajesthan. ]
We find references to the Raj-Rishees (of whom Krishna refers in the
BHAGAVAD GITA, chapter 4, verse 2 -- see THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY p.

It is probable that the modern Jains have a relation to this ancient
tradition and carry it forward in their literature and observances.[ I
U II 323]

She wrote of BODHISM which is a name given to ancient learning, study,
science and includes a report on the findings of generations of
students and Spiritual Adepts, the Great "Seers." See S D I 272-3
for a description of this ancient School. In ISIS UNVEILED it is
referred to openly in Vol. II on pp 98-103. All these things ought
to be take into account.

More in The SECRET DOCTRINE at: S D I 39-40, 48-9, 158; II 34fn,

MAHA-YANA = GREAT PATH -- originated AFTER Buddha's death. S D I
39. But probably is a continuation of the same MAHA-YANA that exists
as a common tradition with all the Buddhas of antiquity. See for
instance, MAHATMA LETTERS p. 41 (top) and p. 48 (bottom) where the
mysterious PLANETARY SPIRIT (who strikes the KEY-NOTE of TRUTH) and
then "disappears from the surface of our planet." In another place
this GREAT ONE is identified with the LOGOS ( the "Word made Flesh").

As one goes through the original literature of theosophy one discovers
still more clues to these event of pre-history.

Best wishes,



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From: wry
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 11:42 AM
Subject: Re: Essential Unity--
Hi. I read it very recently on this list and also on theosophy study
list in
a message from Jerry S. in which he commented to Bag and also have
read in
it other of his messages, and I believe a whole theosophical
somewhere, I think in LA, was devoted to the subject of Mahayana
and in the lecture, it was suggested that the teachings of theosophy
Buddhism. I am not sure he mentioned it was Mahayana Buddhism, but I
he did. These talks, or a synopsis of them, were posted in the
from theos-world. This was in issue #76, published on Oct. 1, 2002,
and it
is continued in issue #77, Novae. 1, 2002. I will read them again
when I
get a chance, and if you go to the archives of this list, you can find

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