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Re: Theos-World Re: Re: Standard of Truth?

Jan 18, 2003 05:11 AM
by teos9

In a message dated 1/18/2003 6:57:07 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> What I do not understand in this ongoing verbal war between some followers
> of HPB and some followers of AAB is why there is a war at all. In both
> HPB's and AAB's writings, I have personally found some words to be
> inspiring, other words that I have disagreed with, other words that I have
> not understood, and still other words that I have found, for me, to be
> unimportant and a waste of my time. I am sure that there are areas of
> disagreement between HPB and AAB, but I have found many areas of agreement.
> I am grateful that I have had access to both sets of writings. I agree 
> with
> both HPB and AAB when they say that truth (or Theosophy) is ineffable, that
> all words are at best symbols of truth, but not the truth itself. So, why
> are we so fanatical about sets of words that, sooner or later, we will
> outgrow and relinquish?
> Zack Lansdowne

Hello Zack,

The thing that is so often left out of these conflictual dialogues of 
opposing viewpoint, is the current personality traits one is currently 
IDENTIFIED with, and AS. In these flowing moments of intellectual exchange, 
we tend to looses sight of the fact that the participants, are carrying a 
considerable investment in their own personality or "ego" issues. In our 
everyday, ordinary, life moments, we become identified with the sum of who we 
think we are, consciously and unconsciously. Our ego's are aggregates of past 
feedback loops of pain/pleasure experiences. Winning or doing well in the 
verbal arena, gives pleasure and the illusion of expertise. Being vested in a 
personality with those traits can be very difficult to overcome. Indeed, 
finding one's truly neutral, or, "detached" SELF, through such an already 
established identity, may be near impossible. 

<<So, why are we so fanatical about sets of words that, sooner or later, we 
outgrow and relinquish?>>

Simply because: Many who participate here, ARE or have BECOME, their "sets of 

It is my opinion that much of the incarnating life wave which belongs to the 
post 1950s generations, are somewhat free from these polarized identity 
fixations and are a lot more open to the influences of contemporary 
evolutionary impulses. 



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