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Re:Religious Wars ---World Blavatsky and Bailey, and Christ

Jan 17, 2003 05:49 PM
by James Davis

DHCibc> ". . . "the coming of Christ," means the presence of CHRISTOS in a 
DHCibc> regenerated world, and not at all the actual coming in body 
DHCibc> of "Christ" Jesus; . . . this Christ is to be sought neither in the 
DHCibc> wilderness nor "in the inner chambers," nor in the sanctuary of any 
DHCibc> temple or church built by man; for Christ--the true esoteric SAVIOUR--
DHCibc> is no man, but the DIVINE PRINCIPLE in every human being. He who 
DHCibc> strives to resurrect the Spirit crucified in him by his own 
DHCibc> terrestrial passions, and buried deep in the "sepulchre" of his 
DHCibc> sinful flesh; he who has the strength to roll back the stone of 
DHCibc> matter from the door of his own inner sanctuary, he has the risen 
DHCibc> Christ in him. The "Son of Man" is no child of the bond-woman--flesh, 
DHCibc> but verily of the free-woman--Spirit, the child of man's own deeds, 
DHCibc> and the fruit of his own spiritual labour."

Yes, I recall that AAB's "From Bethlehem to Calvary," is an exposition
and validation of this very theme. In that book, she quotes the

" 'Though Christ were yearly born in Bethlehem and never
Had birth in you yourself, then were you lost for ever;
And if within yourself it is not reared again
The Gross at Golgotha can save you not from pain.' "

One might think, one might hope, that the birth of this spirit, the
spirit of brotherhood so strongly advocated by HPB, would find greater
practical expression in the threads of human conversations. Most
especially in those of us who would aspire to spread a little wisdom
in the world.


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