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Re: Phillip, you asked me: "What exactly have you studied or read in depth of AAB?"

Jan 17, 2003 10:37 AM
by Phillip Lindsay " <>

Answer the question please Daniel as I have had the grace to answer 
yours. Am I to assume from this very evasive answer that you 
actually have not studied or read any of AAB's works? With NW's 
response I can see the ranks starting to close...

It does make a difference to me that Leon and Nicholas studied these 
books for a long time, and I am still trying to understand, really. 
I need a bit of time to actually absorb alot of these links you have 
given me, plus re-read NW's article. 

> What exactly have you studied or read in depth of Blavatsky? Have 
> you read all of HPB's writings and studied them in depth?

I have read the SD cover to cover a couple of times as well as IU 
and some of the Collected Writings and Key to Theosophy. I have also 
made an extensive astrological index of the SD. Mahatma Letters, 
Vishnu Purana, several of the Wizards bookshelf material.. blah blah.
Having said all that I dont claim to know that much. Happy?

I ask again,as I am curious:
What exactly have you studied or read in depth of AAB?


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