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Re: Theos-World Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

Jan 16, 2003 07:50 PM
by wry

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> DK was writing a synthesis of eastern and western traditions. For
> those with the eyes to see, there are traces of all traditions
> through it.
> BTW, Alice Bailey was actually a friend of Inyat Khan...

WRY: Does it even matter? It cannot matter. It is pointless and irrelevant.
If some do not have eyes to see anything, they will not see. Or they will
not see till they are ready. I have one or two of her books, but I am not
attracted. I will do you a favor and look it over. Why do people not talk
about their own personal efforts here and share what they have learned or
bring their questions to the group? I believe many of you have an illusion
you are developing spiritually from this kind of bickering. All these
opinions are just one person's word against another. It will not set into
your functioning in such a way that makes real sense. Disorder will be built
upon disorder. It is sad. Wry

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