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Re: Theos-World re: Pseudo-theosophy of AAB & CWL

Jan 15, 2003 09:30 PM
by leonmaurer

My comments are below:

In a message dated 01/15/03 2:09:37 AM, writes:

>JHE: My point is this--whatever one may make of HPB's ideas or how 
>she may have acquired them, one is able to compare them to the 
>learned literature of the day.  
>PL: Yes, and this is precisely it. The Masters through HPB made 
>built the foundation of this three-fold teaching, and elaborated 
>through DK/AAB at the next phase. There was no need to duplicate the 
>work already performed by HPB.
>I agree. There is no need to duplicate HPB's work. We need to expand
>upon it, as I believe she wanted us to do. On the other hand, I also
>see no need to change her methodology. She used a methodology that is
>still being used today and will be into the foreseeable future,
>precisely because it is checkable. Why fix it when it aint broke? 
>We are told that a third phase is due 
>to come through some disciple early this century. I wonder if 
>whoever has that unenviable task will be vilified by theosphists and 
>Baileyites alike? (grin)

Told by whom? And based on what evidence? Or, is this more of the garbage 
spewed out by AAB and her imaginary DK? My 20 year comparative study of both 
the Secret Doctrine and the Treatise on White Magic have never shown any 
reasonable relationship between the two teachings. In fact the contradictions 
stand out in more places that I was ever be able to count. And while the SD, 
based on rational Hermetism and sound scientific thinking, is clearly 
decipherable through studied intuition tempered by reason, the TWM is a 
garbled mess of phony mysticism, irrationally linked to the mystical 
references in the SD, and without any connection to the rational physical and 
metaphysical order of the universe... Designed (sincerely, I would imagine) 
to foster a blind faith in the personal God and savior favored by AAB, based 
on her early brainwashing by her parent's Christian biases, along with AB and 
CWL and their "Liberal Catholic Church" nonsense -- that was completely 
repudiated by their supposed "Messiah" JK. Then along came AAB who conjured 
up DK, and put him in the fall guy role a live messiah could never have 
gotten away with. Fact is, I studied AAB before I got to the SD, and when I 
found almost total disagreement with the Hermetic as well as the Tibetan 
Buddhist teachings, I then went to the SD and found the real truth, 
undistorted, and entirely consistent with fundamental principles, first page 
to last. Not to say, however (discounting AAB's personal biases and 
prejudices) that the humanistic and "good will" motives behind the AAB 
teachings are not worthwhile.

To interpret correctly what HPB meant when she said the "new (and last) 
message" of the "Theosophical Movement" will appear before the end of the 
20th century... 

This new "teaching" -- which rests solidly on the three fundamental 
principles, and is in exact conformance with the metaphysical and physical 
synthesis of science, philosophy and religion taught in its entirety (both 
overtly and covertly) by HPB -- is already here... (Started by Einstein's 
theory of relativity in 1905, which was proven in 1919 and 1944, and finally 
consolidated along with quantum theory into Superstring/M-Brane hyperspace 
field theory around 1975) -- and currently being explored for evidential 
proof by all of science under its new discipline of "consciousness study"... 
And, will (when science realizes and admits that the ABC field theory of 
consciousness fully correlates these new hyperspace theories in exact 
alignment with theosophical metaphysics) assuredly be assimilated 
intuitively, and reasonably accepted by all thinking people before the middle 
of this century. This acceptance has already begun... And, once fully 
examined in the mass media and broadly assimilated, It will, hopefully, 
completely change everyone's mind as to the true nature of both physical, 
metaphysical, and transcendental reality -- as well as the unity and power of 
the common self -- without necessity to hold theistic beliefs or engage in 
any mystical practices. And, since no one can pin down who the actual 
"messenger" is (if not the dead Einstein) who is there for anyone to vilify? 

To be effectively assimilated and applied toward the restoration of peace and 
harmony in this world, this new "wisdom" based on applied "knowledge" will 
require no magical processes, triangles, or circles, no mystical chants or 
prayers, no personal Gods, messengers, messiahs, or saviors -- other than a 
direct intuitive/scientific understanding and subjective/objective evidential 
proof that the cosmos in its involution and evolution of multidimensional 
coenergetic coadunate but not consubstantial fields of consciousness is 
exactly as HPB and the Masters said it was... A unified whole, appearing asa 
descending and ascending hierarchy of intelligent fields of consciousness, 
infused in sentient beings at various levels of wisdom and knowledge, that 
radiate holistically through every point in Nature ... And, that are governed 
entirely by the fundamental laws of cycles and periodicity and mediated by 
the laws of karma and reincarnation -- whose causes and effects can only be 
modified by each of us, individually, through a radical change in our 
attitudes toward life, and a realization that the self of one is the Self of 
all. As the Buddha said, "Everything we are is the result of what we have 
thought, and everything we will become is the inevitable result of what we 
are now thinking." If based on the same fundamental principles and 
understandings of the true nature of reality, group thinking, directed along 
the same lines and toward the same goals, can move mountains. 

Thus, this new scientific paradigm, verifying all the original teachings of 
the progressive involution and evolution of sentient life, as well as 
demonstrating the necessity for a universal brotherhood of all mankind can be 
the powerful motivation that will allow us, together, to restore the 
harmonious balance of Nature -- (in order to assure the re–activation of the 
original plan of natural evolution) -- that has been disrupted and already 
set back over a million years by the self serving and greedy actions of 
Mankind and its "blind leaders of the blind." Thus HPB and the Masters have 
already given us the call to wake up, shuck off all the restraints of 
dependency on higher powers, established dogmas (both scientific and 
religious) and personal leaders or saviors, and start altruistically taking 
the bull by the horns, and individually and collectively begin acting like 
true theosophists to assure our own mutual, as well as world salvation.

On careful examination, nothing in any subsequent teaching has added anything 
to the original teaching of Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis -- other than 
foster distortions leading to an interest in personal powers and magic, along 
with the blind belief in personal gods, saviors, efficacy of prayers, and 
vicarious atonement's that goes in the opposite direction of the original 
message... A teaching that places the responsibility for the welfare of the 
whole on each of its individual parts working in harmony with each other.  
Thus we are each and all, together -- the "savior of the world" -- without 
dependence on imposed personal Gods, leaders, messiahs, prayers, or narrowly 
focussed organizations designed, like all organized religions, with a rigid 
dogma and ritualized practices solely for the promotion of the plans and 
ideas, along with the support and maintenance of their inner hierarchy. 

Already the proof is in the pudding. Mans high technology cell phones and 
satellite webs work better than any of the magical processes used by HPB, AAB 
and all the rest of the mediums and channelers to talk to the Master. Today, 
I can call him up on the telephone, e-mail him, or use Instant Messenger on 
the web (even if he's buried in a cave in Timbuktu or traveling on a shuttle 
to a space station). Or, I can open my inner eye (intuition) and question my 
own guide within. So, beware of the false prophets, past, present or future, 
who claim to bring a new message based on channeling, revelation, or on 
"mystical" teachings about "Gods" and "saviors" that cannot be 
scientifically, rationally, logically and intuitively authenticated, and are 
not entirely consistent with the fundamental teachings of magic and 
metaphysics in the Secret Doctrine and other writings of HPB -- that 
interpret the teachings from all four points of view (leaving the other three 
solely to the "intuition" of the individual student).  

Remember, since HPB broke the ice, and gave out the initially secret 
teachings (which unfortunately, although necessarily, might have helped lead 
to the A/H-bombs and the breaking of the genetic code enabling us to engineer 
new bacterial toxins and "create" new life, etc.) there can be no more 
secrecy or necessity for "blinds." Now, either the original plan will be 
restored, or it won't. It's up to us all, individually, to make up our minds 
which way we want it to go. Let's hope the world can see it, and grab it, 
before the gate closes for restoration and the world heads full steam ahead 
to certain devastation -- as HPB predicted might happen in her last "Message 
to American Theosophists."


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