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Bill's Reference to "a group of 'believes-in-masters' people"

Jan 15, 2003 08:35 AM
by D. H. Caldwell " <>

Bill, you wrote:

". . . [Here on Theos-Talk there is] a group of 'believes-in-masters' 
people, led by Daniel and some others, (although they will most 
likely claim they are being led by HPB and the Masters) (and maybe 
they are). . . ."

I find this reference by you intriguing, to say the least.

Who belongs to this "group" besides me? Nicholas Weeks, Dallas 
TenBroeck, Steve Stubbs or ...... ?

For example, a while ago on Theos-Talk Steve Stubbs wrote:

". . . the only proof we can have of the masters' historical 
existence is testimony from a qualified witness, and we have that 
from Olcott. . . . Olcott's testimony is sufficient in my judgment to 
establish their corporeal existence as legal persons. . . . I cannot 
agree with anyone that they were fictions, fantasies, imagined 
beings, trance personalities, or any such thing as that unless the 
Olcott evidence can be satisfactorily disposed of. I raised that 
question some time ago, and no one has ever addressed it, so for that 
reason I remain stubbornly convinced that the mahatmas were real men 
as they were claimed to be." Quoted from:

Does Steve claim to be led "by HPB and the Masters"? Does Nicholas 
or Dallas or I claim something similar? 

Bill, what reliable information are you basing your assertions on? Or 
are you just merely speculating as Mauri might?


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