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RE: Theos-World Fw: Pseudo-theosophy of AAB & CWL

Jan 15, 2003 04:38 AM
by Tony


Greetings from London!

You write:
<<<In HPB's books, one would be hard put to find a single
point she makes, or a single page of her writings that is not referenced
to some *source* scientific or philosophical work, or religious
scripture. My point is this--whatever one may make of HPB's ideas or
how she may have acquired them, one is able to compare them to the
learned literature of the day. In other words, with HPB's writings, the
reader has the means to check the accuracy and evaluate her statements
against sources outside of her writings. With channeled material and
psychic revelations, one has no other alternative than to accept or
reject the information as a matter of faith. i.e. "does it speak to me?"
"Does it ring true?" "Does it inspire me?" etc. >>>

Thanks for the strong point that you make here. It is said that H.P.B. left
one (or one seventh) of her principles in "Thibet" (or something to this
effect). That is, she was restricted in what she could write, because of
her occult training, and the vows she took. This is another reason why she
may have made all those references to *source* work. If it had already
been written, it is difficult to see that she would not have been allowed to
repeat it.

The references to the S.D. in "A Treatise of Comic Fire" are to the third
and revised edition. That DK would have made references to the edition
revised and edited by Besant & Mead is unlikely. [Also, if DK did dictate
much of the SD, it would be even more surprising that he would prefer the
Besant/Mead corrections].


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