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Re: K. Paul Johnson writes about some of us Theos-Talk posters!!

Jan 13, 2003 04:26 PM
by Phillip Lindsay " <>

whoops! got the year wrong for 9/11 (it was only just over a year 
ago)- must have got caught in a theosphical time warp, nevertheless 
the Sun sign of Virgo remains the same...

--- In, "Phillip Lindsay <phillip@e...>" 
<phillip@e...> wrote:
> PJ: If there is such a thing as a "list personality," what creates 
> it, and how subject to change is it? I'm having vague feelings 
> there is some kind of reimbodiment of the antagonisms of past 
> generations occurring.
> PL: You bet there is a list personality! I did a little 
> exploration on another Yahoo group, the Agni Yoga forum, which you 
> can find at
> I take it that the Sept 16, 2000 inception date for Theos Talk was 
> reaction/response to 9/11?
> Therefore there may be a time and location (from where it was 
> launched)for this chart which would determine a more accurate 
> sign and moon position.
> One thing is sure and that is that this Theos-Talk entity is a 
> Sun, the Sun being the personality integrating factor in any 
> horoscope. I think I mentioned elsewhere today about Virgo's lower 
> critical tendencies, the shadow of its positive discriminating 
> qualities. Tends to be extremely anal-retentive and pedantic too, 
> sound familiar?
> P.
> --- In, "D. H. Caldwell <info@b...>" 
> <info@b...> wrote:
> > Some readers on Theos-Talk may be interested in K. Paul 
> > latest observations about some of us here on Theos-Talk.
> > 
> > See:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > It appears KPJ can't tolerate being an active participant on 
> > Talk among all those theo-fundies but he can't resist checking 
> and 
> > seeing what we are all doing! :)
> > 
> > Daniel

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