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Re: Theos-World Problems of Humanity

Jan 13, 2003 04:18 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

May I interject? Thank you.
To dedice what problems have Theosophists with Bailey or not depends first
from the axiom you have.
One must have a full knowledge of what where the original aims of the TS

Unless you do not know exactly what this aims were and which *practical*
things were in preparation you cannot come to a right conclusion and you
will stick on merely brainminded speculations.
Many New Agers and self-styled Theosophists ahve fun to believe that the
launching of the Theosophical Movement has had no other aim then to build
groups of people who talk and read and discuss.
If you are a true believer in that poppycock then you'll wonder why Besant,
Leadbeater, Steiner, Crosbie, Bailey etc. etc. are critiziced: It seems they
do the same as HPB did and it seems they do nothing which would conctradict
HPB's oral and written orders.

The main problem for the right understanding is that nowadays the most
Theosophists in the broad Theosophical Movement have no idea what and where
HPB was and why she came and why she went where she went. If you are able to
solve this riddle (which is a riddle only for the beast nature) you'll see a
clear picture before your eyes.
Those Theosophists of around 1900 who really KNEW what to do (and what not
to do) gave countless proofs of their superior knowledge in going to certain
countries and to
do certain work. That all can be found in the history. But those
pseudo-Theosophists who join our ranks merely for their own beast worship
and not for the saving of humankind will not be interested in studying
history, either of the world or Theosophy.

That this is not understood by a critical mass of theosophical students is
one of the
main reasons why the Theosophical Movement is half dead - from a higher


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Now Bart, you are grasping at staws my friend.
Tell me Bart... can you answer the question below?
As I asked Nick, a simple "yes" or "no" is all that is needed, but if
you evade the question... the truth will be plain to see.

> Please, forgive me for assuming you are an American, in the same
> book, AAB also suggests that "the American is intensely critical of
> other people, but often blind to and always resentful of
> Yet there is as much to criticize in America as there is as there
> in any other nation." pg 27
> Do you believe this my friend?
> Most sincerely,
> Suzanne

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> "Suzanne " wrote:
> > I think it is a very dangerous thing to cut and paste bits and
> > of ones thoughts and pass judgements on the totality of that
> > thinking....
> Please show me where my cuts changed the meaning of anything
that I
> quoted. I had pointed out that, given a copy of PROBLEMS OF
> could easily show a dozen problems I had with Alice Bailey. I have
> more; it is just that the chapters "THE JEWISH PROBLEM" and "THE
> PROBLEM" are the easiest to find bigoted and factually wrong
items. I
> could, for example, go into the use of the planet "Vulcan" in her
> esoteric astrology, when the explanation of the non-existence of the
> planet Vulcan was one of the first major scientific validations of
> Theosophical thought (which means that a belief in its existence
> AGAINST Theosophical thought, at least as previously taught by
> supposedly the same Adepts). I could have pointed out her thoughts
> homosexuality, for example.
> I was answering the charge that Theosophists cannot provide
> with their problems with Alice Bailey.
> Bart
> Bart

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