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To BAG: Comparison of views and writings

Jan 13, 2003 03:03 PM
by D. H. Caldwell " <>

BAG, what is wrong with letting interested readers know about the 
various webpages on the site and suggesting that they 
might be better informed on the Vaishnava theistic concept of "God" 
as found in your own writings by reading the pages and 
comparing what you have written on the same subject matter?

BAG, please re-read my post at:

Notice what I actually wrote:

"A careful reading of the following 9 web pages will show how much 
similarity or disimilarity is found between BAG's views and those as 
given at"

Did I say that your views were identical with theirs?

Personally I am interested in the VIEWS, the IDEAS and CONCEPTS 
presented whether in your essays or on their website. And I would 
suggest that COMPARING AND CONTRASTING what you have written in your 
essays with what is written on their website has its educational and 
informational purposes.


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