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re re contrasts, Bill, BAG, "broader perspectives"? and ...

Jan 13, 2003 12:54 PM
by Mauri

Bill wrote: <<I began to think that perhaps I might be 
perceived on this list as advocating for the existence of a 
personal god as described by exoteric christianity. 
Nothing could be further from my mind. Such a being is 
said to favor one group over another even dismissing some 
to the outer darkness forever. Such a being is said to 
participate in dialogue with some individuals about the 
worthiness and lack thereof of others. Such a being
is said to use miracles as demonstrations of both existence 
and power. Such a being is said to act from a human-like 
mindset with human-like emotions including love and 
anger. Such a being is said to reward loyalty and
obedience and play favorites and do good things for those 
individuals in whom favor is found, while the others may 
generally be referred to as "idiots"'ve 
confused the personal christian god with the theosophical 
masters. Yikes!!! I guess I'll be going now. :)>>

Seems like a relevant comparison, (in a way?), by which 
one might bring up a relevant issue? The following 
might've occurred to you (?): Seems as if such as 
"Theosophic masters" might be kind of limited to ways 
and means of communicating that us non-masters (or 
"average people") might find 
"understandable/sensible/relevant-enough"? True, those 
attempts to communicate on the part of those Theosophic 
masters (and even on the part of Theosophic speculators, 
like me, I'm guessing?) could often be misinterpreted in a 
variety of ways, but ... And, similarly, it would seem to me 
that students and leaders of various religions, sophies, and 
whatever might often be misinterpreted in a variety of 
ways. So when we're sort of "faced with each others' and 
our own karma," maybe we can at least try to be 
reasonably well bahaved toward each other and ourselves, 
while telling each other about our opinions, beliefs, 
feelings ... Then again, of course my idea of "reasonably 
well behaved" might not be your idea of "reasonably well 
behaved," so ... hmm ...


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