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Re: Theos-World Problems of Humanity

Jan 12, 2003 01:12 PM
by Suzanne " <>

Oh Nicholas, you make me laugh my friend...

A "lassie?" <she chuckles with raised eyebrows>
Hmmm... it is truly no wonder why women don't post their thoughts 
here... and, yet all of you follow and praise the thoughts of a 
woman, but, OH! I must never forget, that inititally HPB's thoughts 
came from a man who is an "Adept?" Funny, I wonder what HPB would 
think of all this nonsense today. <smile>

I must tell you my friend, thank you very much for bringing all this 
to light for me..... evolution is truly a very slow process. <g>

Most sincerely,

--- In, "Nick Weeks" <nick.weeks@w...> 
> Why "believe" ? A bright lassie like you can ponder & examine 
evidence and
> figure it out by your self.
> Fare Thee Well,
> Nicholas
> From: <gddsssuze@y...>
> > I see my friend....
> >
> > Sooo... who are we to believe? YouuUU? <she whispers>
> >
> > > There are enough glamourous fogs surrounding the idea of Adepts 
> > their
> > > Bodhisattvic Brotherhood as it is.
> > >
> >
> > And so, Nick, why add to the "fogs" your own fog? <she sez with
> > sincerity>

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