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Re: Theos-World Long Posts

Jan 12, 2003 08:14 AM
by Bill Meredith

I assume (based on timing) that one may be referring to the length of
BA G's latest 4 part posting. I read it. I think Daniel indicates that he
read it. I highly recommend that everyone read it. It can be printed and
then read in smaller portions if that is your cup of tea. Do whatever it
takes, but please do read it.

I am including a small excerpt below. If the entire posting is too much to
read and respond to, I will be happy to break it into smaller bites, so long
as a discussion results. The below excerpt from BA G's posting strikes at
the heart of theosophy. It brings to the forefront my own wonder at a
system that allows for masters who themselves have masters, but somehow
don't logically arrive at (or begin with) the One Master. Is theosophy
devoid of Love and Grace (except the man-made versions)? I welcome comments
from anyone who can address these issues.


Excerpt from BA G's post of 1-11-03
2. Origins

The universe and all that is in it are subject to a timeless process
described as "Days and Nights," alternating periods of activity and
rest. According to the occult teaching, there is no creation, in the
sense of something being made out of nothing. There is indeed nothing
new under the sun.

"We believe in no creation, but in the periodical and consecutive
appearances of the universe from the subjective on to the objective
plane of being, at regular intervals of time, covering periods of
immense duration. (5)"


BA G > Like the teachings of the Jains, Theravadin Buddhists and
Advaitis, this theosophical teaching stops at the boundary of a
finite cosmos, and is concerned with its interior days and nights of
Brahma, Who is the Guna Avatara of Vishnu in the mode of Rajas, or
Creativity. Brahma is in some universes God Himself. In other
universes Brahma is a jivatma, and is not a true creator, because he
only organizes the stuff of the universe. In thought-systems where
there is no real Creator WHO CREATES OUT OF "NOTHING", there is no
creation. Lacking a Transcendental Creator, the Theosophical
Universe described above is only the finite cosmic manifestation of
an already created single universe, with its cycling days and nights
of Brahma. In the full Vaishnava Puranic picture, material universes
of immense duration are NOT eternal, as each universe has a CREATION,
duration (with the cycles Theosophy describes) and an ultimate end.
The Universes ARE created ex-nilo by Maha VIshnu, because they have
been imagined / created out of 'no-thing' by Maha Vishnu during His
Yoga Nidra. However, since God and His immaterial realm are
transcendentally existent, beyond the creation and death of a
universe, there is not an abyss or void of nothingness. Thus the
Advaiti, Theravadin Buddhist or Meister Eckhart type ideas of an
abyss of the godhead, or the question of something coming from
nothing is answered with the positive personalism of the
Transcendental Theism of the Vedas and Puranas. By the via negativa,
neti-neti or 'apophatic' process of reasoning and meditation, one can
only arrive at the negative apophatic notion of something having come
from a nothing or some kind of an 'abyss of the Godhead'. However,
it takes a divine revelation of positive personalism and the
transcendent realm of Being to get conceptually beyond the abyss /
void of the empty Universe (Hiranya Garbha bubble or egg) before
Shambhu 'impregnates' it with the potential of all things and life.
The atheists and pantheists, having no Transcendent God or Spiritual
Sky are limited in their 'theosophy' to T Buddhist questions of
dependent arising, inner and outer illusions, Advaiti speculations
about manas and buddhi and analysis of something-from-nothing
concepts via endless cycles or 'seasons' within a single infinite and
eternal material universe. Without any real concept of the
Transcendental, unable to conceive of anything or One beyond their
limited gross and subtle material categories and vision, the atheists
and pantheists are confined in their thought to the seemingly
causeless "periodical and consecutive appearances of the universe
from the subjective on to the objective plane of being,..."

BA G >However, the transcendentalists suffer from no such
confinement. Thus they can easily speak of the creation, endurance
and annihilation of this or infinite universes, and how a loving God
descends into each to sustain and ultimately save and return all
jivatmas from their sojourn is such finite saha-worlds to the
infinite Sat-Chit-Ananda Spiritual Sky. In the Great Bhakti
Traditions the highest Truth of Godhead's love and grace, which is
available for all jivatmas, is not an occult or secret doctrine
reserved for the understanding of an elite group of advanced jnanis.
It is poured-out on all humanity and God's messengers are sent with
its all-inclusive message of good news to all peoples, the young and
weak, the unprivileged and uneducated, the vastly-learned and wise,
saints and sinners, the mighty, the perfect, the sick and defective
and 'retarded' alike.

(5) Blavatsky, H.P. Key to Theosophy, 83

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