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Jan 12, 2003 06:09 AM
by Suzanne " <>

I think I understand what you are saying my friend... and, quite 
obviously, it is anyone's choice to turn on a blind eye to such 
horrific accusations and sweep them under the rug. I tend to believe 
there is a little truth attached to everything said and so the damage 
to my perception of this self-realized man has been done. 

Bottom line, whether the accusations are true or not, it comes down 
to mental mechanics. The impressions made of such exploitations 
coming from a "realized" man are undeniably inscribed in my mind. 
And, so, when I flip through one of Muktananda's books, by 
association these impressions appear and they become a very nagging 
distraction. This is a very subtle thing indeed, but, never the 
less, very distructive to my concentration. 

Most sincerely,

--- In, samblo@c... wrote:
> Suzanne,
> You will find these stories of exploitation and abuse about 
> every Sannyasi
> worth their salt that ever was including those about Blavatsky, 
> close to her,
> Satya Sai Baba, and a lot more. It seems to be an industry all 
to itself 
> and whom
> benefits from it? I prefer to base my assessments on the direct 
> energy I
> directly experience and on their "Energy" that comes along with 
> discourse,
> neither of these are to found from those who make a living 
publishing the 
> failings
> they assert exist. If one took all these muckraking mudslinging 
> publishments to be
> Truth then man has no hope and the very basis for a spiritual 
futurity is 
> devoid and
> becomes nonexistent. The Hylic's and conditioned minds exact a 
> and a 
> price for their having been indicated and held up to the World. 
Some will 
> leave no 
> stone unturned on earth in order to vindicate their own 
proprietary view 
> of Reality,
> digging here and there and everywhere but in their own life and 
> Religions of their
> own existential investment and societies. So Karma finds a rich 
ground and 
> field here
> perpetuating, accumulating and exhausting as required. Who that 
> can see 
> the past accumulations of each, much less the current basket?
> John

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