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Jan 11, 2003 08:18 AM
by Suzanne " <>

--- In, samblo@c... wrote:
> Suzanne,
> Years ago in L.A. I met Muktananda, his shaktipat has energy!
> John

Yes, John....
No doubt about Muktananda's Grace of God in his hay day. His books 
left quite an impression on me, however, since reading the following 
article (see the snippet below), I can't seem to get the same feel 
for him as I did before. What a shame that fame is such a corrupting 

Most sincerely,

The Secret Life of Swami Muktananda

To most of his followers, Muktananda was a great master. But to 
others, he was a man unable to live up to the high principles of his 
own teachings. "When we first approach a Guru," Muktananda wrote, "we 
should carefully examine his qualities and his actions. He should 
have conquered desire and anger and banished infatuation from his 
heart." For many, that was a warning that was understood too late.

Some of Muktananda's most important former followers now charge that 
the guru repeatedly violated his vow of chastity, made millions of 
dollars from his followers' labors: and allowed guns and violence in 
his ashrams. The accusations have been denied by the swamis who took 
over his movement after the master died.

In the course of preparing this story, I talked with 25 present and 
former devotees; most of the interviews are on tape. Some people 
would only talk to me if promised anonymity, and some are bitter at 
what they feel was Muktananda's betrayal of their trust. All agree 
that Muktananda was a man of unusual power. They differ over the ways 
he used it.

"I don't have sex for the same reason you do: because it feels so 
good." -Muktananda

IN HIS teachings Muktananda put a lot of emphasis on sex - most of it 
negative. Curbing the sex drive released the kundalini energy that 
led to enlightenment, he said. The swami himself claimed to be 
completely celibate.

Members of the guru's inner circle, however, say Muktananda regularly 
had sex with his female devotees. Michael Dinga, an Oakland 
contractor who was head of construction for the ashram and a trustee 
of the foundation, said the guru's sexual exploits were common 
knowledge in the ashram. "It was supposed to be Muktananda's big 
secret," said Dinga, "but since many of the girls were in their early 
to middle teens, it was hard to keep it secret."

A young woman I am calling "Mary" said the guru seduced her at the 
main American ashram at South Fallsburg, New York, in 1981. Mary was 
in her early twenties at the time. Muktananda was 73.

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