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RE: Theos-World Personal experiences of a Supreme Personality

Jan 09, 2003 06:19 AM
by Tony

Hello Bill
You write:
<<<Forever? As in "for all eternity?" I encourage everyone to reread this
excerpt again.

It is an interesting point you raise.

What I understand this to mean, is just what it says, that Mr Sinnett will
cut himself off from K.H. forever. That is, I think that he is referring to
the personality Mr. Sinnett rather than to the Individuality. The
personality (Mr Sinnett), being the garments of that Individuality for this
life-time only. So *forever* is relating to the personality only (not to
the individuality).

See Mahatma Letter No. 45 from K.H. to A.P. Sinnett: === The flame is
distinct from the log of wood which serves it temporarily as fuel ===:
"-- still, you have stepped within the circle of our work, you have crossed
the mystic line which separates your world from ours, and now whether you
persevere or not; whether we become later on, in your sight, still more
living real entities or vanish out of your mind like so many dream
fictions -- perchance an ugly night-mare -- you are virtually OURS. Your
hidden Self has mirrored itself in our Akasa; your nature is -- yours, your
essence is -- ours. The flame is distinct from the log of wood which serves
it temporarily as fuel; at the end of your apparitional birth -- and whether
we two, meet face to face in our grosser rupas -- you cannot avoid meeting
us in Real Existence. Yea, verily good friend your Karma is ours, for you
imprinted it daily and hourly upon the pages of that book where the minutest
particulars of the individuals stepping inside our circle -- are preserved;
and that your Karma is your only personality to be when you step beyond. In
thought and deed, by day, in soul-struggles by nights, you have been writing
the story of your desires and your spiritual development. This, every one
does who approaches us with any earnestness of desire to become our
co-worker, he himself "precipitates" the written entries by the identical
process used by us when we write inside your closed letters and uncut pages
of books and pamphlets in transit."

<<<Daniel has recently raised the possibility that what one person might
a personal experience of the Godhead, another might call a delusion or
hallucination. There is no proof for or against another's personal
-- not even one's personal experience of a Theosophical Master for surely
another might call such an experience a delusion or hallucination.>>>

In the full letter to Laura Holloway:
"How can you know the real from the unreal, the true from the false? Only
by self-development. How get that?"
The letter then continues to explain to Laura Holloway how she can
practically do that.
Kind regards

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> Here is part of a KH letter to Laura Holloway
> -- from the Blavatsky Archives
> online.
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> You have scarcely learned the elements of
> self-control in psychism; your vivid
> creative imagination evokes illusive creatures,
> coined the instant before in
> the mint of your mind; unknown to yourself. As
> yet you have not acquired the

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