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re "blinds," Daniel, Whoever ...

Jan 08, 2003 01:20 PM
by Mauri

Daniel wrote: <<Mauri, May I offer a suggestion?
It would really help us understand your point of view on 
"blinds" if you would illustrate some of your points with 
specific examples. Can you cite a few examples in HPB's 
writings of what you think are blinds? Then give us your 
reasons why you think an example is a blind and what you 
think is the deeper meaning behind the blind, etc.
Otherwise, your comments are so vague and generalized 
that I have no clear idea or understanding of many of your 

For a start, how about a Dallas style response here about 
"blinds"... My search word "blinds" in SD at Blavatsky 
Net came up with the following:

I feel that I already speculated about "blinds" in my recent 
posts on Theos-1 and Theos Talk; and since, 
(apparently?), discussions about blinds often seem to have 
a way of getting into somewhat controversial areas like 
"esoteric/exoteric," well ... ^:-) ... My recent posts 
with/about Leon have been partly about "blinds" and 
"esoteric/exoteric," and, at the moment, I seem to be kind 
of at my wit's end about what else I might speculate about 
blinds that might ... Hmmm ....


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