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Pseudo-theosophy of AAB & CWL - pt. 3

Jan 06, 2003 01:56 PM
by Nick Weeks

Quoting Lindsay:
by what criteria does Weeks judge AAB? - His own theosophical conditioning or his in-depth study of AAB's works? "Illusive gurus" etc may apply to several other twentieth century teachers of the Masters, but certainly not Bailey. One has to only look at the quality of the teachings contained therein, to really know.

NW now:
The "look at the quality" and you will "really know" viewpoint is too personal to be effective. Any devotee of any spiritual path will say: "it spoke to me" "it rang true". All that means is one has found a congenial, attractive "spiritual" center. The question is not (as the article said at the beginning) whether anyone finds AAB inspiring or of high "quality"; but are the Adepts and their teachings presented by AAB & CWL the same or different from those know to HPB & WQJ.
NW in article:

Efforts to discern reality from illusion must not be confined to our study and meditation times, but should also pervade our ordinary daily life. Should devotees of Bailey wish to compare closely the main principles of real Theosophy with their present faith, they might consider using some of the three methods mentioned in this article. Hopefully, followers of Bailey will not rely exclusively on her own explanations. Surely, if she really teaches the same basic Theosophy as HPB, one could resolve any conflicts between their teachings without acceding to AAB's every proclamation. The template of basic Theosophy is in the original writings of HPB and her Gurus. Bailey's key teachings must match this template or they cannot be from the same sources that taught HPB. 


PL: One good example is A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, given by the Master DK as a major key to The Secret Doctrine. Has Weeks or many theosophists given this extraordinary book any close scrutiny? Have they studied closely the extended Stanzas of Dzyan given out in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire? Many students in the world who are not saddled with some of the prejudices so ingrained in the Theosophical Society, are easily able to'match the template' between the two teachings.

NW now:

The assumption that I know little and/or prejudiced against AAB is mistaken. Perhaps I should have mentioned my background in the article. For the record I was a member of the Arcane School & Arcana Workshops for 15 years. Thus I was a close scrutinizer & devotee of AAB/CWL BEFORE I began to learn something about original Theosophy of HPB. I have read, studied, meditated, invoked, been involved in group work & served the Plan starting from around 1970. 

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