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Jerry Hejka-Ekins on Bailey's Use of Besant/Leadbeater E.S. Material

Jan 06, 2003 12:29 PM
by D. H. Caldwell " <>

On Theos-L in a posting dated Jan. 12, 1994, Jerry Hejka-Ekins wrote:

"From my earlier perusal of AAB's writings, I found that many of her 
teachings were drawn directly from Besant and Leadbeater's E.S. 
writings, which to this day, are not publicly available. For the E.S. 
to publicly acknowledge that AAB was publishing secret E.S. material, 
would give away to the public the nature of the very material the 
E.S. is trying to keep secret. . . . "

Quoted from:

Arvind Kumar replied to Jerry's above comment:

"Can you tell me in which published books of AAB this 
Leadbeater/Besant ES material may have appeared (your conjectures 
will be fine)?"

Jerry replied in another posting dated Feb 1, 1994:

"Your request puts me into a bit of a bind. Though I am not
bound by any pledges not to reveal this material, nor did my
source break any pledges, I still have come concern about raising
the ire of pledged members who believe that this material should
be kept secret. I'm willing to risk their anger, and reveal the
contents of some of this material, if any real good were to come
out of it. So I will have to put the question back to you by
asking: If by revealing the contents of the E.S. materials, I
show that key teachings in AAB's writings are in previously
published E.S. writings that she had seen, then what would this
mean to you?"

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Daniel H. Caldwell

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