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Jan 06, 2003 03:15 AM
by dalval14

January 5th 2003

Dear Friends:

As some have questioned definitions concerning the truth and the truth
vs. opinion, perhaps some of these statements may be of help

Best wishes,




"There is neither COMING nor PASSING, but eternal BECOMING." -- HPB
Theosophical Articles & Notes, p. 271

"The Beacon-light of Truth is Nature without the veil of the senses.
It can be reached only when the adept has become absolute master of
his personal self, able to control all his physical and psychic senses
by the aid of his "seventh sense," through which he is gifted also
with the true wisdom of the gods-Theosophia."	--HPB Le Phare de
l'Inconnu HPB Articles I 424


"All of you who waver on the golden threshold of Truth, the only
Truth, still open to you, since all the others have failed, one after
the other-look at the Great Reality now offering itself to you
straight in the face...This identical with what was the
keynote and the keystone of every century, especially the last one:
"absolute Freedom of Human thought."
HPB Articles I 405-6

"...Absolute Truth is the eternal Reality which survives all transient
phenomena...Language belongs to the world of relativity, while Truth
is the Absolute Reality. It is therefore vain to suppose that any
language, however ancient or sublime, can express Absolute Truth. The
latter exists in the world of ideas, and the ideal can be perceived by
the sense belonging to that number of words can convey an
idea to one who is incapable of perceiving it. Every one of us has
within him the latent capacity or sense dormant in us, which can take
cognizance of Abstract Truth, although...the assimilation of our
intellect with that higher sense, may vary in different persons,
according to circumstances, education and discipline. That higher
sense which is the potential capacity of every human being is in
eternal contact with Reality..."	--DKM	T A & N p. 49

"If one imagines that one is going to get a satisfactory picture of
the constitution of the Universe from the S.D. one will get only
confusion from its study. It is not meant to give any such final
verdict on existence, but to lead towards the truth."	-- H.P.Blavatsky
T A & N p. 272


"Mental evolution progresses pari passu with physical evolution, and
both advance towards the One Truth,-- which is the heart of the system
of Humanity, as evolution is its blood...Let every man inclined to go
on find his ideal,-- a star before him to guide. Let him follow it
without ever deviating from his path; and he is almost certain to
reach the Beacon-light of life-the Truth."	--HPB Articles I 436-7

"The Infinite cannot be known to our reason, which can only
distinguish and define; -- but we can always conceive the abstract
idea thereof, thanks to that faculty higher than our reason -
intuition, or the spiritual instinct of which I have spoken. Only the
great initiates, who have the rare power of throwing themselves into
the state of Samadhi... ecstasy ...a state in which one ceases to be
the conditioned and personal "I," and becomes one with the All, --
only those can boast of having been in contact with the infinite; but
no more than other mortals can they describe that state in words."
--HPB Articles, I 432-3.

"...our Society may be truly called the "Republic of
Conscience."...All of us must work for the liberation of human
thought, for the elimination of selfish and sectarian superstitions,
and for the discovery of all the truths that are within the reach of
the human mind."	The New Cycle - HPB Articles I p. 402


"No one is so busy or so poor that he cannot be inspired by a noble
ideal to follow...It is true that the first requisites for getting
there are absolute unselfishness and unlimited devotion to the
interests of others, and complete indifference as to the world and its
opinions. To take the first step on this ideal path requires a
perfectly pure motive; no frivolous thought must be allowed to divert
our eyes from the goal; no hesitation, no doubt must fetter our
feet...As to our inner life, let us concentrate all our attention on
our chosen Ideal, and let us ever book beyond ...Those capable of such
an effort are true Theosophists."	-- HPB Articles I, p. 408


"It is worse than useless going to those whom we imagine to be
advanced students and asking them to give us an "interpretation" of
the S.D. They cannot do it. If they try, all they give are cut and
dried exoteric renderings which do not remotely resemble the Truth.
To accept such interpretations means anchoring ourselves to fixed
ideas, whereas Truth lies beyond any ideas we can formulate or
express. Exoteric interpretations...[can be] taken as pointers for
beginners, and are not accepted by them as anything more...

Come to the SD without any hope of getting the final Truth of
existence from it, or with any idea other than seeing how far it may
lead towards the Truth...

"...let the mind hold fast, as a basis of its ideation to the
following ideas:

1. The fundamental unity of all existence...

Fundamentally, there Is ONE BEING.

This has two poles, positive and negative. The positive is Spirit, or
consciousness. The negative is substance, the subject of

This Being is the ABSOLUTE in its primary manifestation. Being
absolute, there is nothing outside of it. It is ALL BEING.

It is indivisible, else it would not be absolute. If a portion could
be separated, that remaining could not be absolute, because there
would at once arise the question of comparison between it and the
separated part. Comparison is incompatible with any idea of
absoluteness. Therefore it is clear that this fundamental One
Existence, or absolute Being, must be the Reality in every form that

The Atom, the Man, the God are each separately, as well as
collectively, Absolute Being in their last analysis, that is in their
individuality. It is this idea that must be held always in the
background of the mind to form the basis for every conception that
arises from study of the SD. The moment one lets it go...the idea of
separation supervenes, and the study loses its value." - HPB quoted
T A & N p. 272-3

2.	There is no dead matter. Every last atom is alive...since every
atom is itself fundamentally Absolute Being...every atom of substance,
no matter of what plane...[is] a life.

3.	Man is the microcosm...all the Hierarchies of the Heavens exist
within him. But in truth there is neither Macrocosm nor Microcosm but
One Existence.

4.	"As is the inner, so is the outer; as is the great, so is the
small; as it is above, so it is below; there is but One Life and
Law: and he that worketh it is One. Nothing is inner, nothing is
outer; nothing is great, nothing is small; nothing is high, nothing
is low, in the Divine Economy."	HPB T. A. & N p. 272-3

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