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Re: Theos-World new to the list

Jan 04, 2003 11:19 AM
by wry

Hi. Interesting that you should suddenly appear almost overnight, or more
probably, even overnight, after I wrote this message. In any case, it is
also interesting and fun (joyful) that when I posted the message to which
you have referred, the thought of Keely was actually in my mind, as the
writing of this message led me to an associative recall of a previous
discovery I made of a fascinating kind of word play (I forget exactly what,
but I have the material somewhere and will review it) when I was reading a
chapter from the work of one of your colleagues, Dan, who also wrote a book
on Keely, and this word play or whatever it was, suggested to me that he
almost certainly had a strong Gurdjieff influence in his background.

I personally have nothing against the teaching of Gurdjieff, in case any one
thinks I do, and it is very understandable why some Gurdjieffians might be
interested in the work of Keely.

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Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 4:33 AM
Subject: Theos-World new to the list

> Hello all,
> As I am new to this list, let me introduce myself briefly. I am Theo
Paijmans, author og the book Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely, which
was published in 1998.
> Before I go any further, can somebody please explain to me what the names
listed below represent, or what their history on this list is or was? Is
this one and the same person? Are they - or is he/she - still list members?
> The reason that I ask this will be madfe clear in my next post, after
having obtained some answers.
> Kind regards,
> Theo
> > Why were the letters eh added to the presumed alias of Bridgitte
Muehlegger (and Brian Muehlbach)?
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