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To BAG: On the "Location of God" and other issues dealing with theism, etc.

Jan 03, 2003 09:11 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell " <>

Dear BAG,

As far as I know, you never commented on the following philosophical 
points about the "Location of God" which I posted on Theos-Talk some 
time ago.

In a chapter titled "Location of God" in his book THE COSMIC WOMB, 
Arthur W. Osborn wrote:

". . . when we ask such a question as, 'Does God exist?' we are 
virtually implying someone or something OBJECTIVE in the same sense 
that we as individuals are objective. To be existent is to 
objectively real; it is a particular manifestation of a 
primal 'isness.' We are therefore back again to the problem of 
immanence; and transcendence and immanence, if universal, would be 

"If God exists, therefore, He must represent some Reality having 
objectivity RELATIVE to man and, indeed, to the universe. But this 
poses the problem of reconciling the postulated quality of 
universality with the objective implication of being in existence. 
As we have noted, universality leads logically to pantheism, whereas 
existence, with its aspect of objectivity, implies LIMITATION." p. 
57. caps added.

Also you never commented (AFAIK) on what Jerry Schueler wrote at:

Jerry Schueler on Goswami's "Three God-Realizations"

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Daniel H. Caldwell

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