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Does Paul Johnson exist?

Nov 30, 2002 11:20 PM
by gregory

Does Paul Johnson exist, or is he simultaneously two people on opposite 
sides of the planet, or does he have a split personality ... or does he 
have an additional persona known as Brian (or two: Brian and Brigitte) or 
is Paul an additional persona of Brian or Brigitte or both of them (or of 
Brigid or Brion or Bran or Brigita)... or are all three pseudonyms used 
by a fourth person .... or is the fourth person a fictional personality 
created by the other three who has now taken on a life of its own .... 
the possibilities are endless. Of the existence of Paul Johnson, I have 
no doubt, always assuming that when I met, spoke and ate with him, stayed 
in his house and drove in a vehicle with him I was not under some form of 
spell. Of the existence of Brigitte I am reasonably certain: information 
provided by the University of Vienna, both officially and unofficially, 
satisfies me of that. Of Brian .... well, who knows? And I am more than 
certain that Paul and Brigitte (and/or Brian) are not and have never been 
the same person! Paul is educated, literate, rational and an outstanding 
scholar of Theosophical history (regardless of whether or not I agree 
with him on everything). The evidence of postings by Brigitte and Brian 
does not suggest the same can be said of either of them.

Dr Gregory Tillett

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