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Re: Theos-World Re: British Israelism and other "6e Race=US" type beliefs.

Nov 30, 2002 06:13 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 11/28/02 7:35:02 PM, writes:

(snip -- my response to Bart re: evolution)
>Leon are you Jewish or Israeli? Just wondering. I find YOUR posts 
>insulting and 'in your face finger pointing.' It cuts both ways.

insulting to whom? 

As for my nationality or religious preferences, that's none of your business. 
Besides, what connection does that have with my response to Bart about 
Darwin's evolutionary theories? Have you read Bart's later response to my 

You bet it cuts both ways. So, I might now guess, after your previous crude 
comment to a letter I wrote on the subject of anti theosophical propagandists 
-- that you are one of "them." Your similar prejudicial innuendoes and 
propaganda techniques stick out like a sore thumb. I and, I suppose, 
everyone else here who read this gratuitous response of yours, now takes it 
that you believe all "Jews" and "Israeli's" are "insulting finger pointers." 
(I won't say what they might think of YOUR being insulted by my so called 
"finger pointing" at the other propagandist theosophy haters.)

If you haven't got anything more pertinent or theosophically enlightening to 
say about the letters you respond to, I suggest you stay out of our faces. 

If you are insulted by my "in your face finger pointing" directness, and the 
shoe fits -- wear it -- or sue me.:-)


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