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Re: Theos-World Steven's comment on the Mahatma Letters

Nov 25, 2002 06:34 PM
by Steven Levey

Daniel-in a Way the Mahatma Letters remind me of quite a few of Jesus's admonitions which we have been reminded "not to Question" by the clergy. They do this because they have no answers to questions with regard to statements that were intended for a particular disciple in a particular circumstance. Not to mention their general lack of concern for mystical and philosophical issues. I feel this is true about the Mahatma Letters (regarding their intention as meant for individual students not for general consumption). and therefore sometimes they seem to be only oddly chosen statements that are not complete and they might even be challenged as to their validity by a scholar (as they have in our own list). The truth is, Daniel, this is what I think about them, but my concern is not for the Letters. It is to follow the Path displayed by their concern for humanity which places more emphasis on brotherhood than anything else. In fact it might be shown that the motive behind the Theosophical metaphysical writings are all to lay the basis for how brotherhood is a fact at many levels of our existence. Which, if a student can validate this in their own minds makes a tremendous difference in their lives.-Steve

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From: Daniel H. Caldwell
Sent: Monday, November 25, 2002 3:24 PM
Subject: Theos-World Steven's comment on the Mahatma Letters

Steven, you wrote in part:

"My study and the closest students within my circle of study feel as 
if they (The Mahatma Letters)are nearly impossible to use since their 
context or focus seemed to be to individual students. They are valid 
as productions of the beings attributed to, but their subject matter 
seemed to be limited to the student on the original receiving end."

You write that the Mahatma Letters are "nearly impossible to use." 
Why? Steven, could you clarify what you mean in the above passage?

I am somewhat unclear what you are referring to when you write 
that "their subject matter seemed to be limited to the student of the 
original receiving end."


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