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Re: Theos-World All CAPS

Nov 24, 2002 07:29 PM
by leonmaurer

Also being somewhat handicapped visually, In my mailing program, I can set 
both incoming and outgoing mail to be displayed in 16-24 point size of an 
easy to read font like Verdana. Much easier to read and type lower case that 
way, than all CAPS at any point size.

In a message dated 11/20/02 4:11:41 PM, writes:

>The developers of Windows being well aware of the needs of those with 
>handicaps, have provided option to display characters in large letters,
>and this usually solves the problem for those with handicaps and avoid the
>for all CAPS.
>At 07:50 AM 11/20/02 -0800, Wes Amerman wrote:
>>But where do you get the idea that "all caps" are more readable, or that
>>"normal" people prefer them?? It's considered "shouting" in all discussion
>>groups I have ever participated in -- philosophical, cultural, financial
>>otherwise. I have even seen real-time chat room moderators ask paying
>>subscribers to leave expensive lists where they were abusing a posted
>>all caps" rule. Personally, I prefer not to have to read such text, whether
>>from Mr. Goswami, you or Dallas. Thanks, Eldon, for pointing out an

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