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Re: Theos-World Paul Johnson is, in his secret ID, Paul Johnson

Nov 24, 2002 06:30 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Marina Sisson wrote:
> > Just want to comment on the various comments about Paul Johnson posting
> > under the Bri***** or Go-Go Swami aliases.
> Well, I do not know Brigitte or Paul personally, but I had personal
> correspondence with bothof them, and I am sure they are completely separated
> persons. Anyway, all this discussion seems to me a waste of time. If
> someone wants to create a personage, what's the matter?

Because Bri**** and Go-go are saying things which, if they came from
Paul, would be damaging to his reputation. If you think names can never
hurt you, consider: Would you like it if someone sent anonymous notes to
your neighbors, saying that you are a convicted child molestor under an
assumed name? 


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